Uh oh Were they acting under orders? The highly ticked off Georgie Anne Geyer thinks so. Me: I’m not sold. If this was policy (or at least, treated with a wink and a nod), I want to see clearer evidence that it was typical outside Abu Ghraib. [Read more...]


Cool Interview with Vatican Astrobiologist Sounds like a guy I’d like to meet! [Read more...]


It’s the Culture Stupid This article is so last week. Now that Al-Quaeda has thoughtfully called a halt to this rare moment of introspection about Western depravity, we can carry on with our Grand End to Evil Project. [Read more...]


Some people think we are owed pictures of Nick Berg’s beheading I profoundly disagree and thank the networks for, this once, showing some restraint in not treating us to endless repetitions of horrific footage. We all know what happened. Nothing good is accomplished by splattering gore all over the screen. Unless, of course, you think [Read More...]


Dan Darling, Who I Respect a Great Deal, Writes in Defense of the War Of course, I never posted this link because, as we all know, I am grossly unfair to proponents of the war. [Read more...]


Coming Soon to a Post-Christian Culture Near You High-Maintenance Hysterics are like sprinters. They have the advantage in the short run. But they will soon be tiring. Extremely tiring. [Read more...]


Another insufficiently patriotic Catholic gums up the smooth working of Caesar’s well-oiled machinery Go sister! [Read more...]


Fr. Rob on Legal Machinations to Kill Terri Schiavo [Read more...]


Just a reminder to those in the Atlanta GA area May 13: 7:00 PM in the Parish Hall of Cathedral of Christ the King, 2699 Peachtree Road, NE, Atlanta, GA. Topic: Behold Your Mother: An Evangelical Discovers the Blessed Virgin Mary. Sponsored by the Consecrated to Mary Group from St. Thomas the Apostle Church in [Read More...]


Sullivan is Exactly Right The absolute stupidest thing Al-Quaeda could have done is what it did: commit this cold-blooded atrocity and remind Americans of the sort of evil we face. In so doing, they have effectively thrown cold water in the face of an America that was obsessing a bit too much over Abu Ghraib [Read More...]