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Classic Example of How Catholic Moral Calculus is Bound to be Misunderstood “The torture? A more serious blow to the United States than Sept. 11. Except that the blow was not inflicted by terrorists but by Americans against themselves,” Archbishop Giovanni Lajolo Those who operate by realpolitik moral calculus will, of course, conclude that this [Read More...]

Here’s a piece on the Siena Institute for Catholic Exchange [Read more...]

Your images of heaven Discuss, class. And if you have any near death experiences under your belt, add ‘em to the mix. [Read more...]

Problem: Gay priests raping boys Solution: Attack the Church’s teaching on homosexuality Voice of the Fuddled: A Living Laboratory for the Demonstration of Stockholm Syndrome Since 2002. [Read more...]

Apparently some show called “Friends” ended Whatever. Never saw it. Am I supposed to feel bereft or something? On the bright side, I just got the DVD of the live version of “The Tick”. Is it possible for Patrick Warburton to *not* be funny? I’ve seen no evidence. The guy could read from the phone [Read More...]

How extremism works St. Blog’s Resident Maniac graces us with more political insight and wisdom, declaring: Sobran (and Pat Buchanan) are anti-Semitic ,de facto collaborationist bastards. They belong in the same trash can with Chomsky, Rall, Sonntag, Martino, Tauran, Poupard, Petain, Laval, Quisling, Ezra Pound, Arafart, bin Laden, Saddam, Zarqawi, al-Zawahiri … all with a [Read More...]

While I was visiting Notre Dame… the students we had lunch with taught me the Notre Dame fight song: “Ash nazg durbatul├║k, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatul├╗k agh burzum-ishi krimpatul!” Latin’s such a magical language! It just has a beautiful ring to it. [Read more...]

Must. Get. This! Scream for Jeeves. In which we discover what would have happened if P.G. Wodehouse had written the eldritch tales of H.P. Lovecraft. An astonishing idea from the mind of one P.H. Cannon. Kudos to Eve for alerting me to this. I tingle at the thought that such a book exists. Seems like [Read More...]

Fortunately Israel is incapable of doing evil, so killing the innocent is okay. It’s only evil when Palestinians do it. I recognize there is such a thing as collateral damage in war. I also recognize that rhetoric like, “I appeal to the prime minister and the defense minister to pursue the murderers, even if it [Read More...]