Crazy Bernie Says “Everything Must Go!” [Read more...]

After the Festival of Homophobic Stigmatization in my comments boxes below… it’s good to see the sane and sensible David Morrison is back on the air again. One remark from him is worth 10,000 pieces of helpful advice from certain readers whose only word of charity to faithful Christians struggling to live chastely with SSA [Read More...]

Some people have lived 30 years since 1972… George McGovern, like so many liberals, has lived 1972 thirty times. [Read more...]

Leftist Brownshirts on the March at Yale [Read more...]

Comment box Frequenter Sandra Miesel in the December issue of Crisis “Swinging at Windmills: A Close Look at Catholic Conspiracy Theories” Have Freemasons infiltrated the Vatican? Is there a secret Jewish plot to destroy the Church? Are communists preparing for a worldwide resurgence? Sandra Miesel investigates the dubious claims of popular Catholic conspiracy theories. This [Read More...]

By the way, it looks like the OBL tape is a fake I think I’ll go back to presuming him dead. [Read more...]

Mark Cameron quotes Chesterton on Islam I would simply note that Chesterton elsewhere writes rather voluminously on the ability of the Catholic faith to affirm and “digest” what is good in non-Christian traditions. One tendency (particularly during wartime) is to paint the Enemy as wholly black and to see any attempts at affirming what is [Read More...]

Point/Counterpoint A reader sends along these two links. One from a member of the Lidless Eye Faction, indulging in loony prophetic interpretation not wildly dissimilar from something Dispensationalists would appreciate. The other is from Stephen Hand, with whom I’ve had my disagreements in the past, but who makes the rather sensible point (also made by [Read More...]

For those who have already bought my books and tapes… And still have to buy for people who already own all my books and tapes, there’s the Dave Barry Gift Guide. [Read more...]

Grumpy writer complains that C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity is flawed and imperfect Yes. And Moses had a crappy grasp of Trinitarian theology too. So? I think Sheldon Vanauken had it right. Lewis was a sort of second Moses, leading a huge number of people to the Promised Land of the Catholic communion while never quite [Read More...]

Well, let’s hope so! [Read more...]

I propose we convert the citizens of Palm Beach Florida into Soylent Green and ship them to sub-Saharan Africa Or perhaps making them into dog food would be more fitting. [Read more...]