Interesting WaPo piece Favorite “Republicans as Snidely Whiplash” moment: “The GOP on Tuesday ousted a triple-amputee Vietnam veteran in Georgia and an incumbent appointed to fill her husband’s seat in Missouri, while ending the comeback attempt of former Vice President Walter Mondale in Minnesota.” And in addition to grinding the faces of disabled veterans, widows [Read More...]

Another technoid question A kind reader sent me a zip file of Front Page express (thanks for taking the trouble!). Two questions: Does this work with XP? Isn’t it illegal to use a copy of FPxpress? Or is it freeware? [Read more...]

The dawning and dreadful horror of the situation occurs to a member of the chattering classes Merciful heaven! He’s not dumb! [Read more...]

If you haven’t done so lately, go read Dale Price The guy is a precious natural resource. [Read more...]

A Lawyer from Texas writes: Regarding George W. Bush’s intelligence, here’s an e-mail I sent a friend in June: Last night Bob Jordan showed up at the post-Bar None gathering. Bob was in Bar None (the Dallas Bar’s annual “follies” type show I have been in for years) a few years back and is someone [Read More...]

A reader writes: The best news I heard all night watching Fox News was that in Missouri, the exit polls showed that abortion was the 2nd most important issue that caused people to vote (behind the economy), and of those who said abortion was the most important issue 80%(!!) voted for Jim Talent and life! [Read More...]

Y’know, I’d like to empathize but the article seems to me to suffer from the whining self-pity that characterizes so much of the Muslim response to a post-9/11 world. What I’m not seeing here is any acknowledgement whatsoever that radical Islamic violence is applauded by huge numbers in the Islamic world. Everything is the fault [Read More...]

The Chesterbelloc of Catholic Blogdom? I tend to think of myself as the north end of a southbound Pushmeepullyu. Anyway, belated thanks to Rod for the link and belated welcome to all youse NRO folk. Amy: tell Dr. Doolittle it’s time for our feeding. [Read more...]

Somebody needs to write the good father and explain to him that there’s bit more to this story than merely “thinking Jews should be evangelized” The rest of EWTN seems to have gotten the picture, since Sungenis’ materials are nowhere to be seen there now. I presume padre is just out of the loop. I [Read More...]

A reader writes: I guess you could call me a native Bostonian, but there are certain things about living here that cause me to hang my head in shame, (e.g., my senior senator is Ted Kennedy and my congressman is Barney Frank). One of those things is also the Boston Globe, which, while bending over [Read More...]

Daniel Goldhagen is to history… what Bob Sungenis is to theology and astrophysics. Fundamentalism is not a religion, it’s a personality trait marked by the need to flatten out and grossly simplify whatever is under discussion in the impatient rush to define who wears the black hats and who wears the white hats. Goldhagen is [Read More...]

Hey! A Sensible Muslim! These guys should be encouraged. [Read more...]