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Not the Grinch, Kathy. The White Witch. Secular liberalism: Where it’s always winter and never Christmas. [Read more...]

Another writer notices that the NY Times is, not to put to fine a point on it, a haven for liberal bigots “Still, the Times has vastly stepped up its coverage of pop culture and, in doing so, seems to be bending its normal rules of journalistic fairness.” Ya think? [Read more...]

Ono Ekeh Whines about losing job for using USCCB computer to shill for Sacrament of Abortion Candidate Turns out there’s “more than one prolife way”. There’s the “traditional” prolife way which is, well, prolife. Then there’s the “fanatically supportive of the sacrament of abortion and contemptuous of the teaching of the Church” prolife way. Fr. [Read More...]

Everything about Gay Culture is Juuuuuust Fine [Read more...]

Mordechai Vanunu freed from prison I don’t know much about this guy other than he was a Christian convert who basically forced the fact that Israel had acquired nukes out into the open. From the coverage, it appears that camps have long split off into “He’s a hero like Karen Silkworth!/He’s traitorous scum!” factions. Anyway, [Read More...]

Dim stirrings of awareness of liberal bigotry at NY Times Kristof considers the possibility that the Times is a blinkered, provincial, haven of small-minded ideologues suffocating in the hot house of their own constrained sense of rectitude and superiority to the hoi polloi. Naaaaaaaaah! [Read more...]

Sheen did not support Abortion March I’m glad to hear that. Also, I think it’s cool that Ben Stein is a prolife guy. He cracks me up. [Read more...]

From our “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” Dept. [Read more...]

A church musician who actually follows V-II’s documents on liturgy A team of scientists is studying this phenomenon in the hope that it can be reproduced. [Read more...]