Must. Get. This! Scream for Jeeves. In which we discover what would have happened if P.G. Wodehouse had written the eldritch tales of H.P. Lovecraft. An astonishing idea from the mind of one P.H. Cannon. Kudos to Eve for alerting me to this. I tingle at the thought that such a book exists. Seems like [Read More...]

Fortunately Israel is incapable of doing evil, so killing the innocent is okay. It’s only evil when Palestinians do it. I recognize there is such a thing as collateral damage in war. I also recognize that rhetoric like, “I appeal to the prime minister and the defense minister to pursue the murderers, even if it [Read More...]

Soulful Blogger Spews Highly Acidic Evolved Consciousness All Over the Screen It seems a priest failed to affirm that gayness is the most exquisite form of wonderfulness the human race has yet given to the world. He didn’t tell anybody what they could do in their bedrooms. He didn’t threaten anybody. He simply asked somebody [Read More...]

When I read the dolts on the 9/11 Commission want to do this… …I somehow picture this happening… [Read more...]

Moral whiplash Some of my readers are now saying, “What with Nick Berg’s murder, the treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib doesn’t seem all that bad.” The devil *loves* to hear this sort of thing. It makes atrocities so much easier to commit if we can console ourselves that we’re not as bad as the [Read More...]

More book talk A reader sez: The last book-related thread was so successful, I thought perhaps your erudite readers could recommend some good source books for teaching junior high and high school age kids the Catholic faith (formation of intellect), and virtue (formation of will). I am looking at Amy Welborn’s Prove It series, and [Read More...]

A new kind of feminist Here’s an article about a sane form of feminism rooted in the teaching of JPII that is gaining ground on some campuses. Naturally, both insane feminists and embittered Rad Trads will hate everything about it and find even more reason to rejoice in their anger at the Holy Father. [Read more...]

John Granger on Teaching Children Literature Using Harry Potter Those Orthodox guys really go for that occult stuff. [Read more...]

Curves is prolife Just thought you’d like to know. [Read more...]

On the other hand… [Read more...]