Rabbi Lapin Speaks his Customary Common Sense… …to all the naysayers, frustrated that TPOTC did not result in pogroms in the US, who have been assuring us that “people will die” in the Islamosphere because of this film: Just Wait Till the Muslims See It by Rabbi Daniel Lapin President, Toward Tradition: The American Alliance [Read More...]


The funniest thing about this piece is the word “even” in the headline I can think of at least one journalist who really needs to catch up their Orwell. [Read more...]


What’s not to like? [Read more...]


Worn out, tired, busy, and crabby and I just don’t have enough hours in the day. No blogging tomorrow [Read more...]


The Holy Father continues to lead all of humanity astray by acting as if the Jews worship the same God as the Catholics Oh. Wait. My bad. Monotheists who worship the God of Abraham *and* are congenial to American foreign policy worship the same God we do. Monotheists who worship the God of Abraham but [Read More...]


Rosemarie injects the insidious Poison of Charity into the discussion again As for the Koran-kissing incident; I’ve said this a zillion times so please bear with me if you’ve read it here before: My husband and I have a friend who is a Coptic Catholic. He grew up in Egypt, he is no friend of [Read More...]


Cool Lay Catholic initiative starting up in the the Islamosphere Just got this letter. The writer said I could blog it: I have recently launched a site called Holy Spirit Interactive . It is mainly an information resource for Catholics living in the United Arab Emirates (a small muslim country in the Middle East) and [Read More...]


CBS moves us a little closer to live gladiatorial combat There is absolutely positively and unequivocally zero news value in this ghoulishness. It is a pure play for Shock ratings. Forget Howard Stern. *This* is what the FCC should kick down the stairs. [Read more...]


Hey! What could it hurt? [Read more...]


Mankato, Minnesota! It’s like no place on earth! [Read more...]