I’ve arrived! Somebody’s started a blog devoted to attacking me. It’s like having my own personal Nihil Obstat. More proof that Americans have far too much time on their hands. I do like the Flame Warriors illustration though. “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” – Oscar Wilde Update: [Read More...]


Radical Islam Delenda Est The leader was a Wahabi, of course. And hostages were released, not on the basis of whether they supported the Chechens, but on the basis of whether they were Muslim. I wonder what sort of outrage will convince the French. Blowing up the Eiffel Tower? [Read more...]


Speaking of the occult… One of my readers expressed the common notion that occult activity is bad because it’s not real (in short, it’s all just human fakery). However, Rod Dreher, in the comment on the HellCo article just below, demonstrates that this judgment may be premature at times. For my own take on the [Read More...]


Ummmm, okay [Read more...]


HellCo’s Corporate Propaganda A bit of whimsy for the season. Bet you never thought of a Ouija board as a demonstration of sacramentality before, didja? [Read more...]


A ways back… Eve Tushnet shepherded a symposium for Crisis Magazine called “Christianity from the Outside” featuring various perspectives on the Faith from a bunch of different non-Christians. It was an interesting piece. One of the contributors was Christopher Hitchens, for whom I have warm respect and with whom I disagree completely when it comes [Read More...]


Which one are you? I think I tend uncomfortably toward “tireless rebutter” sometimes. But then, the heart is desperately wicked and past understanding. Who can know it? You guys may have a very different diagnosis of me. If so, do me a favor and send obsequious flattery instead. “Human beings cannot bear too much reality.” [Read More...]


May God grant mercy and peace to the Wellstone family. [Read more...]


Lotsa Shea chatter over at HMS blog Blogger was down today (grrrrrr) so I posted a bunch of stuff over there. [Read more...]


And now a question for y’all to argue about so I can do other work for a while: Should you pray for Hitler’s or Osama bin Laden’s soul? I say, “Yes, of course.” Discuss. [Read more...]


A reader sez… Here’s another doctrine accepted by all Protestants that can’t be found in the Bible: Jesus wasn’t married. There is no doctrine in the world accepted by all Protestants, except perhaps, “God exists.” The basic Protestant reply to your comment is “It doesn’t say Jesus *was* married in Scripture, so saying he was [Read More...]


A reader notices… A headline on the Dallas Morning News website reads “Two men arrested in sniper case” Evidently, for the DMN, a 17-year-old is a “man” when he murders people in cold blood, but a “child” when a priest has sexual contact with him. Language is a funny thing. Indeed. (Though, of course, the [Read More...]