Strange bedfellows CAI has been keeping odd company: Nazis, geocentric and Jew-bashing quacks of various shapes and sizes. But now they are modeling themselves after a new and unexpected hero: Cardinal Mahony! Absorbing the valuable lesson of the Cardinal that it is more important to look good than to be good, they’ve updated their site, [Read More...]

New Oxford Review loses another customer When a magazine charges Scott Hahn (!) with being a closet apologist for lesbianism(!!) you know they’ve Gone Round the Bend. No word yet on when they join forces with CAI to smoke out the Jewish anti-geocentrism conspiracy. A pity really. It appears the moments of crisis in the [Read More...]

However, because I am an incredibly magnanimous good sport… Here’s the link to SETI. Among other things you can download SETI@home software that makes your PC part of the gigantic analytic Borg that is scanning the static from the stars and looking for evidence of a signal from ET. Massive computing power has been expended [Read More...]

More on ET Answers to comments below: Leslie: It’s true that many modern philosophies predicate humanness on the ability to reason. St. Thomas predicates it on the possession of a rational soul, which is different. Zach: Agreed. Any stick will do to beat the Church. Joel: I’ll be willing to change my opinion when we [Read More...]

This is different: Forget Jews. Should ET be baptized? I think it’s a moot problem since we are never getting off this planet, and nobody is ever coming here. We might–might–make radio contact, but I think even this is unlikely. If there’s life elsewhere we need to know a) does it possess a rational soul? [Read More...]

Toldja and Son of Toldja The priests are getting the “You’re on your own” message loud and clear from irresponsible shepherds like Cardinals Keeler and Egan. [Read more...]

Note to Calvary Chapel Marriage and sex have rather a lot to do with “family”. [Read more...]

I am most gratified to report the formation of a new religious group The Societas Oculus Sauron. Shawn Tribe and Shawn McElhinney are founding members. A membership subscription would be the perfect gift for the cuddly Lidless Eye in your life. [Read more...]

I heard this once, 20 years ago, then it was yanked from the airwaves by lawyers Now, thanks to the miracle of the Internet, it’s back: Gilligan’s Island to tune of Stairway to Heaven by Little Roger and the Goosebumps. Better living through technology. (Caution: You will need the Flash4+ plugin to hear this and [Read More...]

An interesting comment by Greg Krehbiel prompts some remarks from me over on HMS blog [Read more...]

My pal Rod Bennett… author of the extremely interesting and readable book Four Witnesses: The Early Church in Her Own Words, writes me: I’ll be the featured guest on the EWTN “Journey Home” program next Monday night (the 21st) at 7PM CST. (It’s a live broadcast so that probably means the West Coast will get [Read More...]

New Mysteries of the Rosary to be Promulgated Leaks from the Vatican, in anticipation of the document’s release, suggest that the Pope will introduce five new mysteries to the Rosary. The five new mysteries, the “luminous mysteries,” will focus on the public life of Jesus Christ, Vatican sources say. They will be: the Baptism in [Read More...]