Light blogging today But I do wish to offer this wholly inadequate token in remembrance of the greatness revealed in my countrymen on that day: Light and Darkness God bless America. [Read more...]

Iraqi Newspapers Echo Bishop Gettlefinger’s Comforting Words to Americans [Read more...]

From the “How to Make Yourself a Completely Ignored Bishop” file Bishop Gerald Gettlefinger of the Diocese of Evansville IN graces a grieving nation with these comforting words for the first anniversary of 9/11 (in the Evansville diocesan paper): September 11, 2002: A year later “I worry! Have those in our hall of government moved [Read More...]

Speaking of Whom… A reader writes: I lifted this from ZENIT. It appears the Holy Father has found the key for GWB to attack Iraq. As Sept. 11 approaches, John Paul II appealed to world leaders to combat terrorism by fighting its roots, especially injustice and oppression. To respond to terrorism means “to undertake new [Read More...]

How to be a Universal Pastor The Holy Father strikes just the right note here, I think. Some will object that in addition to praying for the victims he also prayed for mercy for the authors of 9/11, but surely this is in keeping with the example of Christ and St. Stephen. They obviously did [Read More...]

Why the Sacrifice of Christ was Necessary I’ve said before that we don’t really believe in sin. “Sinners” are charming rogues, we think. Oh sure, I’m sinner. But I’m alright as is our charming, roguish little species. We get into a little trouble sometimes. We’re only human after all. But at bottom, we’re okay and [Read More...]

Arrrrrr! A beautiful way to bring humankind together, mateys [Read more...]

Iraq Calls for Suicide Squads to Strike American Targets & Interests No need to be concerned though. They haven’t actually done anything yet, so self-defense is out of the question. [Read more...]

Like Bill Clinton in the 8th year of his administration… Jim Post of Voice of the Fuddled continues to try to figure out what the hell their core beliefs are and assure everybody that it’s all under control and the critics are evil people conspiring against reform, not intelligent Catholics who agree that the Church [Read More...]

Apropos recent discussions of Jew-hatred among Christians Marvin Olasky, who was raised in Judaism and is now an Evangelical, has some rather sensible things to say on what Christians can learn from Judaism. The piece reminds me again of how close the Jewish and Catholic worldviews are in so many ways. I hope Olasky becomes [Read More...]

More money paid out to sex abuse victims I wonder how much will be paid in the end? [Read more...]

I don’t recall likening the coming war with Dresden but… a reader writes in with some intelligent comments: I was struggling with the comparisons you and others made regarding the Dresden bombing and the Iraq War plans. I was thinking if Dresden’s bombing was really morally unjustifiable and the Nuremberg trials were about bringing justice [Read More...]