Another satisfied Catholic! One of my readers writes: When I converted to Catholicism, it was the statue worship that appealed to me the most, but banner worship has its appeal as well. Historians have been able to show that pagans also worshipped primitive banners so either one has authentic Catholic-pagan connections. I also liked that [Read More...]

Why I Can’t Help But Like Bush He simply does not radiate the same phony vibe as Clinton’s “rapt in prayer on the beach at Normandy” stagecraft. I can fault him for any number of things, but I still think him a basically decent and honest man. [Read more...]

If only women could be soldiers! If only soldiers didn’t have to be celibate! None of this would have happened! [Read more...]

I Sense Disintegration of Will Happening Some of my readers are inside the Beltway. How significant is this piece? [Read more...]

Lansing Diocesan Weenies Prostrate Themselves Before Pro-Abort Gov Granholm Why should zealous enthusiasm for the sacrament of Abortion affect one’s relationship with Jesus or the Church? As one reader writes: My brother-in-law hasn’t gone to Holy Communion for years because he’s re-married. People like Kerry, Kennedy and Pelosi can thumb their noses at the hierarchy [Read More...]

Terrorism down 45% since 2001 Some good news. Of course, the $64,000 question is “How much of that is due to the Iraq War and how much of it is due to other factors?” Me: I have no idea. [Read more...]

The Media: Highly Trained to Be Stupid About Religion You get little glimpses in this story of how the devil can be so dumb about God. Even among us humans, we can train ourselves to look away, to not see, to not hear, to not notice the blazingly obvious statements of people who, whether we [Read More...]

Florida Court Springs to the Defense of the Powerful and Evil Against Dangerous Brain-Damaged Woman and the People who Love Her Our Robed Masters: Serving Moloch Since 1973 God help Terri Schiavo. Meanwhile, the Clever People in the AmChurch theological establishment respond to the Pope’s teaching on this matter with hemming and hawing, committees, task [Read More...]

You can’t answer questions of bioethics without first knowing what the nature of man is [Read more...]

Gay Brownshirts on the March! [Read more...]