Catholic Kerry Watch is on the Air! Check in here for a chronicle of the daily cavalcade of gormless AmChurch response to a despicable pseudo-Catholic pol. [Read more...]

Apologies I think I was out of line with my “Exterminate these vermin” blurt the other day. I was blogging a reaction. Not a thought. I sometimes think Psalm 137 was a reaction rather than a thought too. Who has not felt the impulse to say, “Just kill the bastards.”? Still, it was wrong and [Read More...]

Reason #98375345 to homeschool [Read more...]

“We don’t want you here” Wait! I thought gay culture was the summit of all human perfections! How could rudeness like this occur? [Read more...]

A reader writes: I’ve been considering buying a satellite radio receiver, particularly because I’ve wanted to be able to listen to EWTN, which is not available in my area. I’ve noticed that XM radio is still fails to carry EWTN, but apparently just added it. Funny thing, though, is that they placed it in [Read More...]

Romney Seeks Court Stay on Gay Marriage Court replies: “Who is running this state anyway? Now shut up and leave us alone before we decree a law against you!” [Read more...]

Check out the Pontifications blog, a classy Anglican site [Read more...]

The Sister Servants of the Eternal Word are on the air! [Read more...]

A reader sez: You’ve probably heard about this but the Thomas More Law Center accused the National Catholic Right to Life Committee in South Dakota of working with NARAL, etc. to defeat a pro-life ballot measure. A friend of mine wrote to NCRL and received an email denying it. I was wondering what you know [Read More...]

“Even despite her decided lack of the fluffy girlish charm he had always expected would ensnare him, her beauty pierced his heart like a greased axle shaft launched towards him at speeds approaching Mach 3.” Just a sample of my oldest son, Luke’s, increasingly Wodehousian prose style, excerpted from a work-in-progess called the “The Ballad [Read More...]