Seattle vs. Saginaw A reader writes: I was in Seattle last week for a seminar for work. It’s a gorgeous city. I really hope I get the chance to come back for a real family vacation some time. A trek to Mount Rainier seems like fun. I was there during Assumption and I had the [Read More...]

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What would be fitting justice, I wonder? Having sex on the desk of the Chairman of the Board of Sam Adams during a board meeting? No. That would be contrary to Catholic moral teaching. Flooding their offices with, uh, used beer? Again, vandalism is a sin. Can’t do it. How about just burying them in [Read More...]

I Matter Again! Nihil Obstat has criteecked my grammer again! Its grate to have you back N.O.! You’re droll wit is not unappreeshiated by every body. [Read more...]

Fr. Rob Johansen weighs in on the Rod’s piece and the vigorous debate over here on C&EI.; [Read more...]

Just a note on Rod’s piece Rod tells me it won’t be free online till Sunday. Then you’ll be able to read it at Just FYI. [Read more...]

I Don’t Buy the “Armchair Quarterback” view of Rod’s Complaint A reader objects that “What’s most troubling to me is the attitude of those who, from their armchairs, think themselves able to outdo the Pope, a man of known brilliance and sanctity, on matters of prudential judgment.” I reply that the Persians debated every matter [Read More...]

When He’s right, He’s Right Gerard Serafin took me to task for a cheap shot against the American Bishops. He’s right. I’m wrong. The cheap shot is gone from my blog. My apologies. [Read more...]

On the other hand… here’s something you can do VOTF is making noises about having a balanced roster of speakers invited to their shindigs. In keeping with Pete Vere’s letter below, Dave Pawlak suggests the following people be added to that roster: Fr. George Rutler Fr. Frank Pavone James and Helen Hull Hitchcock Jesse Romero [Read More...]

Battle is joined The Kairos Guy is miffed… just cuz I sentenced him to death on HMS Blog. Some people are soooooo touchy. [Read more...]