In the words of Lowell Thomas… I bid a reluctant farewell to Michigan, Indiana, and parts in between (or Darth between for all you Fightin’ Irish). The trip was, I think, a resounding success and everybody, including me, is very happy with it. Got the script well underway, the talks done, the visits visited, and [Read More...]

Fr. Rob and I are outta here! See you, ‘ow you say?, “Hoosiers”, in an hour or so! (“Hoosiers”? It reminds me a vacuum cleaner. Or some sort of ladies intimate apparel.) Anyway, see you soon! [Read more...]

Fallujah and Aftermath Even the ardently pro-Iraq War Andrew Sullivan is beginning to get the impression that we don’t seem to know what we are doing there. The Fallujah conflict seems to have killed a great many American troops and then… we just pull away and hand control of “security” over to some sort of [Read More...]

They should summarily fire every jerk on the coaching staff for this Then, they should make them apologize to the boy at a school assembly–and have them wear nothing but their jock straps. Oh, and bring in the local Action McNews team to air it on the six o’clock news. That should be sufficient punishment [Read More...]

Gee I’m looking forward to the flight home now! [Read more...]

Campus Brownshirts on the March! Crushing free speech in the name of diversity to save you from yourself. It’s almost an infallible measure of evil. A movement that pits itself against Christ (and let’s face it: most of these movements regard Christianity as The Enemy) will tend to promise one thing and deliver *exactly* the [Read More...]

Update on my Talk Tonight I’m still talking about the Blessed Virgin. However, I will be speaking at St. Bernard’s parish, Delaware at Ogden, Benton Harbor, MI. Call 269-983-7797 to contact the parish or email Fr. Rob. See you Whapsters and any other Indianans who want to join us for lunch today at Notre Dame [Read More...]

Attention Notre Dame Folk and Indiana readers! Fr. Rob Johansen and I thought we might take a trip down to Notre Dame University tomorrow just for grins and giggles. If there are any Indianans in the region who would like to get together, please contact Fr. Rob ASAP so we can figure out a time [Read More...]

Some of my readers… could really benefit a *great* deal from reading and internalizing the very sane reflections of the Disputations blog. Just as a refresher, the prayer is “Deliver us from evil” not “Bring it on!” Not that there haven’t been gutsy Christians who knew what tough stuff they were made of and who [Read More...]

No word yet on whether he will receive a Purple Heart [Read more...]