Gay Bigots Surprised to Find Fundamentalists Aren’t the Cartoons Their Suffocatingly Closed Intellectual World Taught them to Think They Were Mel White dresses like Rosa Parks, but it’s not convincing. Egregious money quote: “White says Falwell’s rhetoric encourages violence against gays.” Right. So does Mel White’s rhetoric encourage homosexual rape of children? Memo to Gay [Read More...]

When Illiterates Attack! The Internet: Unleashing the Power of Ignorant People to Go Off Half-Cocked! (Don’t forget to view the signatures. My personal favorite: #2026.Peter Jackson Alright, alright! You win. I’m going to change the title to “Dude, Where’s My Ring?”) [Read more...]

The wisdom of the saints… “God and chocolate is better than just God.” – St. Teresa of Avila [Read more...]

Fr. Johansen blogs again (briefly) He writes: Dear Friends and Fellow Bloggers: I have just published a statement on my blog making several clarifications regarding statements I have circulated about Michael Rose and Goodbye! Good Men. Please observe that I make these statements in response to certain demands made of me by Michael Rose, through [Read More...]

New blog! [Read more...]

I’ve long suspected the fruit jellos and taciturn Lake Wobegon stoicism masked some terrible urge like this A Lutheran friend writes: I’m risking a great deal in violating the secret oaths and covenants practiced by the Lutheran traditions (bet you just thought they were myths, didn’t you?), but I felt it my beholden duty to [Read More...]

A brief defense of George Weigel Over at Catholic Exchange, we recently ran an interview with George Weigel. At least one confused reader was upset by his remarks and wrote to complain. I answer her here (scroll down a bit). [Read more...]

Greetings NRO Readers! Feel free to blaze away in the comments box. Just keep it civil. (And thanks for the link, Mr. Stuttaford!) [Read more...]

The basic difference between the West and Popular Islam In the West, you have go to certain isolated tar paper shacks in Montana (and certain loony websites) to hear marginalized nutballs talk about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and spout swill about the Jews as descendent of pigs and dogs. But in Saudi [Read More...]

An Interesting Symposium on the Toothless, Pointless, Dumb “Reflections” Document Note to CAI and the few “gee, maybe Sungenis has a point in all this Judaism-bashing” people out there: See how critics of the document (like the wonderful Fr. James V. Schall) are able to register their difficulties without ever having to quote Nazi literature, [Read More...]

And Then? links to a Globe piece on the determination of Boomers to Remain Shallow, Narcissistic and Dumb All the Way to the Grave As well as linking to a little piece by my wife’s husband on the Boomer Cult of Fun. By the way, I just love the picture of the undertakers that accompanies [Read More...]

Dreher’s Right and… Stuttaford’s Wrong There is something sinister about turning children into consumer focus targets. I think TV is, on the whole, a great calamity for civilization, though. So I’m biased. But since I don’t share the Standard Conservative Faith in the sanctity of the corporation (any more than I share the Standard Liberal [Read More...]