Weird. Speaking of Amy, she went to the Solanus Casey Center in Detroit Friday AM. So did Roy Schoeman (who is still in Ypsilanti at Steve Ray’s house). They were probably there at the same time. How odd. [Read more...]

Amy Welborn gets a mention in the Telegraph Note the curious way the lead paragraph tends to portray the conflict as between “panicked” “pastors, priests and theologians” and Courageous Independent Thinking Dan Brown, who is trying to break the hoodoo of priestcraft by which a class of heirophants holds the masses in their thrall? Yet, [Read More...]

My proposed slogan for the Pope’s campaign to keep the EU somehow in touch with Europe’s Christian roots: Supernature abhors a vacuum. Fill the EU with Christian content today or God will surely allow it to be filled with Muslim content tomorrow. There is no third alternative. [Read more...]

Mistakes were made, etc. Yes, General Karpinski, but about your head. Could you please deposit it on this platter as you leave in disgrace? [Read more...]

Greetings from Coldwater, MI! I’m sitting at Fr. Brian Stanley’s computer here in Coldwater. Bade farewell to the gracious Ray family yesterday and got in to town here about 11:00 last night after a final yummy supper. Padre heard my confession (none of your business natcherly) and then we poured ourselves a nice Irish Cream [Read More...]

Bishops Growing Spines Not all of them, but it’s a start. [Read more...]

World War II Soldiers Finally Get a Memorial I’m 1000% in favor of it. The older I get, the wiser Gen X people seem to me for looking right past my own generation of Baby Boomer narcissists and seeing afresh the greatness of the World War II generation. I think my generation is the final [Read More...]

The Webelves have a fine essay on the Situation in Soviet Canuckistan Nothing like an apostate Catholic politician for fostering real evil in the world. [Read more...]

Why? is blogger sticking in this big white space at the top of my blog all of a sudden? [Read more...]

No one in this world, so far as I know … has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. – H.L. Mencken I will never ever ever understand the popularity of this creep. [Read more...]