Popcak and Madrid Appear to be Combining Forces to Crush the Freedom-Loving Peoples of St. Blog’s It appears Popcak is playing the Good Cop/Bad Cop game with Madrid as the heavy, claiming some sort of sinister e-harrassment by Madrid to paint himself as the benevolent-and-unwilling-endorser of Madrid’s ruthless suppression of the attempted coup on the [Read More...]


St. Pat’s Sex Stuntwoman Publicly Announces “I’m a complete moral cretin” Without Realizing It “We didn’t mean to come up there and have disrespect for the church,” Loretta Lynn Harper, of Virginia, told the TV show “Celebrity Justice.” “We really didn’t realize how serious this was.” In an age of moral bankruptcy, this is what [Read More...]


My sources tell me Bishop Edward O’Donnell’s resignation has been accepted He’s the bishop of the Diocese of Lafayette, LA: the guy who banned Flannery O’Connor’s “The Artificial Nigger” because some ignoramuses were “offended” by the word “nigger” in the title (even though O’Connor was not remotely a racist) and, as St. Blog’s parishioners remember, [Read More...]


But enough about politics! Let’s talk about something less controversial, like religion! I promise to get back to things Catholic soon. I’m still playing catchup because of the upgrade to XP. Election stuff was easy and ready-to-hand. Soon I will return to gabbing about the Faith! [Read more...]


Ann Coulter: What a gal! And she’s dead right that the one irreducible principle holding the Democratic party together is a fanatical and unreasoning love of abortion. When everything else is abandoned, even by an unprincipled scum like Clinton, the love, indeed the sacredness of abortion, remains. It’s the one and only principle to which [Read More...]


The very sensible George Weigel on dialogue with Islam Again, this is why it’s so important to distinguish between Islam and Radical Islam (aka Islamicism or Islamofascism). It’s also why the people who get their undies in a bunch over the Pope’s honoring the Koran don’t seem to get what the Pope or the council [Read More...]


A whimsical GOPer sends me the following: Zippity Doo Dah, Zippity Ay! My, O, My, what a wonderful day! GOP Senate, comin’ our way – Zippity Doo Dah, Zippity Ay! There’s some blue states in New England! It’s deep, dark, depression – May we recommend secession?! Zippity Doo Dah, Zippity Ay! The Press is less [Read More...]


More on the Religion of Peace The message from powerful figures in the Islamic world is still “The Jews did it. Bin Laden had nothing to do with it. And wasn’t it a glorious victory for Islam!” It reminds me of those apologists for the Holocaust who say “It never happened and besides, the Jews [Read More...]


Why Do I Have the Feeling This Show will Make You Stupider than You Were Before You Saw it? “Here was the new vision of the Heavens that Galileo tried to present, a vision the church was desperate to suppress.” Or: “Galileo, who gave his daughter to the church, was brought before the inquisition.” For [Read More...]


An argument against athletic scholarships Read to the last sentence. [Read more...]


Looks like the ossuary ain’t St. James of Jerusalem Headline calls it a “fake”, which is somewhat misleading since we do not know who added the “brother of Jesus” bit nor why nor when. As somebody has noted, this is a bit like having a box labeled “Tom, son of Dick, brother of Harry”. The [Read More...]


Why I’m not as eager as some to assume the absolute worst about the Vatican’s caution with the Dallas Norms I live in Washington State, right over the mountains from Wenatchee. I remember when this witch hunt happened. I know people who knew some of the victims of this nasty business. Due process is there [Read More...]