Another Evil Party Catholic Whore for Abortion What I find most despicable is the Dem habit of trying to cast this as “The Church interfering with politics.” No children. The Church is not telling you you can’t be a whore for abortion if you want. The Church (or at any rate, Rome) is saying you [Read More...]

I’m the *good* Evil Twin [Read more...]

As Augustine said when asked how the Church would cope with the discovery of monopods… (that is, strange one legged men with one huge foot who hopped about everywhere), I think the soundest answer to the question “What happens if they find Noah’s Ark on Mt Ararat?” is “Let wait and find out if there’s [Read More...]

Go read Disputations today No particular reason why today and not some other day, since *any* day you read it, you will become a little bit wiser. [Read more...]

More proof that the true religion of many American Jews is Pavlovian Liberalism Anybody who can look at Bush and conclude that he “hates Jews” is an idiot. Period. [Read more...]

Umm, because they’re losers who worship power? [Read more...]

Greetings from Steve Ray’s basement Hopped a flight from Seattle to Detroit (by way of O’Hare) today. Very uneventful. Plugged away at bible study on the plane. Dozed. Not much excitement (which is the way I like it). I figure any flight I don’t remember the rest of my life is a good one. Anyway, [Read More...]

Well, so much for my day in Seattle. Now I’m off to Michigan tomorrow morning. Not as horribly early as the OK trip, but still early (stop laughing at me Sherry!) Here’s the intinerary for Michigan gigs: May 2 7:00 PM St. Charles Borromeo Parish, 150 Taylor Street Coldwater, Michigan. Topic: Behold Your Mother: An [Read More...]

The Latest StrongBad Email is here! [Read more...]

Not the Grinch, Kathy. The White Witch. Secular liberalism: Where it’s always winter and never Christmas. [Read more...]