“It’s reminiscent of biblical times – killing all those children to get to Jesus.” Guess which respected leader of the black community uses this analogy to oppose war with Saddam Hussein? [Read more...]


“It’s reminiscent of biblical times – killing all those children to get to Jesus.” Guess which respected leader of the black community uses this analogy to oppose war with Saddam Hussein? [Read more...]


One weird phenomenon I’ve noticed on Catholic boards… is the strange compulsion so many ex-Catholics (especially Fundamentalists) have to linger around the Catholic Church saying “I’m so glad I’m not Catholic anymore. I used to be in bondage to the Church but now I’m free! Free! I’m living in the liberty of the Holy Spirit [Read More...]


Irreformable Positive Reformulation? Huh? Wha? A reader writes: I gotta tell you I haven’t laughed this loud in a long time after reading “Bene Canus“. Good Lord, I nearly busted a gut! But that leads me to my question. In all seriousness, the doctrine of salvation outside the Church is like Bene Canus. When you [Read More...]


Here’s something you can do to resist Islamofascism As many of you may have heard, a Nigerian woman was recently sentenced to death by an Islamic court for having a child out of wedlock. Amina Lawal has been sentenced to death by STONING– she is to be buried up to her neck in the ground, [Read More...]


John Betts continues to chronicle the implosion of Bob Sungenis …and calls for a boycott of his “ministry”. Sounds sensible to me. Most recent developments, the entire Canadian arm of Catholic Apologetics International has folded up shop in protest over Bob’s nutty screeds about the Jews. (Please keep them in prayer. They gotta eat and [Read More...]


Prayer to the Saints A reader wrote: I visited your web site and read your piece on Mary (I am an evangelical) I saw nothing that I disagree with. Surely Mary, as the bearer of Christ, was uniquely blessed. That we do not acknowledge that enough, I can allow. But, what does that have to [Read More...]


By the way… Thanks to all you kind folks who respond to my periodic blegging. Much obliged! [Read more...]


On the Road agin… This weekend I’m at the Spiritual Life Center in Wichita KS. I’ll be speaking there Friday evening and most of the day on Saturday. Friday evening is my talk “Behold your Mother: An Evangelical Discovers the Blessed Virgin Mary”. Saturday is my “By What Authority?: An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition” class. [Read More...]


I know what you’re saying… “Goodness! Can it really be that I have never left a tip in Mark’s PayPal Collection Plate? And after all the good he’s done the human race! Ah me! What can I do about this shocking oversight?” <—————— [Read more...]


About that French guy on trial A friend observes: If the guy is rating religions based primarily on the literary merits of their sacred books, and he thinks Islam is the dumbest, I can only conclude that the nuances of Book of Mormon haven’t been adequately translated into French. He’s got a point. The book [Read More...]


Explain to me again… Why is it that so many Jews are liberal Democrats? Is it masochism? Why keep backing a party that asks you to bend over and take this? Worse still, why do so many American Blacks put up with creatures like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Cynthia McKinney? Can’t they see these [Read More...]