Priesthood as self-medication “Going into seminary seemed like the best of all possibilities. I could get an esteemed position within Catholic culture, and I had a safe place to go where people wouldn’t ask why I didn’t have a girlfriend.” Funny. I always thought the priesthood had something to do with serving Jesus Christ, not [Read More...]

How about “Come to me, my melancholy baby?” A reader asks: Do you take blog requests? Here’s something I am hoping to see discussed: a no-nonsense, concise treatment of Catholic just war doctrine. There just isn’t much just war material in the media — including Catholic media — with much authority. For instance, I’ve heard [Read More...]

A reader sez: Is it defensible to claim that a bishop has sinned? For that matter, is it defensible to assert that any particular person has sinned? There’s a whole basketful of terms to choose from when talking about the wrongs people do; among them are failures wrongful acts misdeeds immoral acts apparent sins sins [Read More...]

I wonder if my Village Atheist is going to write Richard Dawkins and protest his encouragement of violence against Catholics He can start his letter with the phrase “You people…” Elsewhere in St. Blog’s, Dale Price, as is his custom, has a happy encomium to the amazingly shallow mind of Richard Dawkins. [Read more...]

Somebody asks if this is new Not really. It’s as old as “Ambrose! Bishop!” I don’t see any particular reason why laity can’t be consulted per se. The question, of course, is “Which laity?” Ask a bunch of victims of Stockholm Syndrome for their opinion and you will get the ignorant opinions of a bunch [Read More...]

There’s one in every parish Over on Amy’s blog, Amy asked folks to comment on whether their parish did anything pro-life last Sunday. Here is one response: I preached pro-life (mainly abortion, contraception, and sexual immorality) and it was well-received, except for one woman who went out of her way to tell me that she [Read More...]

Dazzling insights Turns out the Maryland shooter is “angry” and “wants attention”. Who knew? My money is on the shooter(s) being two members of al Quaeda. Nuts don’t operate in pairs. It’s un-American. [Read more...]

More Sungenis Weirdness Bill Cork runs a letter from Bob Sungenis in which Bob helpfully explains that it is Cork’s Jewish “roots” that makes him a Zionist and therefore naturally pits him against Bob’s perfectly legitimate claims that Judaism approves of infant rape. I’m gonna have to retract my initial opinion that Bob is not [Read More...]

A reader of my Village Atheist’s blog writes me: I ran across your web site through the Naked Writing web site. Since I couldn’t find your email address, I sent a comment (below) to him. He sent me your address, so I’m sending you the comment directly. I have to admit, I’m amazed at the [Read More...]

Those Darn Episcopalians Showing once again the august solemnity that has made the Episcopal Church the driving force in world history that it has become. [Read more...]

Sungenis continues the downward spiral Today CAI posts an apparently ameliorative defense of the Catholic faith (ameliorative to the Catholics who have been decrying Sungenis bizarre turn toward Pope-bashing and Jew-bashing) by one Albert Cipriani. The purpose of the piece appears to be “See! We’re Catholic! You should support us!” The weirdness of it is: [Read More...]

Jonah Goldberg, as usual, makes a lot of sense An orthodox rabbi I know who thinks highly of Evangelicals says rather sensibly that he doesn’t particularly care if Evangelicals don’t think he’s going to heaven since it’s not up to them to decide the matter. He’s more concerned about whether they think he should be [Read More...]