Another day, another priest betrays his vows At least Fr. Hamilton had the grace to resign. However, the priest who tried to sound the klaxon on this and other disgusting slime is discovering the “no good deed goes unpunished” rule applies to him too. What is the bishop of Arlington thinking? Meanwhile, a reader writes [Read More...]

The Dead are Practice for the Living Forgiving the dead is practice for forgiving the living. The dead, for all their faults, can’t commit any new sins against us. The living commit fresh sins every day. Learning forgiveness is like quitting smoking. You do it thousands of times. The hardest bit about forgiveness is that [Read More...]

The Winnah! in the “Help Mark Surrender Graciously” Contest Second Runner up: Zach Frey “Surrender Dorothy!”, of course. First runner up, Palpatine I suggest the Dark Side, but that’s just me. And the Winnah! Stephen! Why not surrender to France, just for irony’s sake. [Read more...]

I like Jeff Jacoby, but… Jacoby is Jewish, not Christian, and therefore does not have within his religious tradition the commandment “Love your enemies.” Obviously, repentance is necessary if forgiveness is to be received. But that’s hard for the dead to do. The Christian command to forgive wrongs done us is absolute. We are to [Read More...]

Speaking of Rod’s piece… Somebody wants to know why I described myself as a “non-revisionist” Catholic and if I was cribbing from Marxist jargon. Nope. I was cribbing from Peter Kreeft. He might be aware of the Marxist origins of the term. I wasn’t. I just think it’s apt. Also, a number of readers are [Read More...]

From the “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” Department Rod Dreher does us bloggers a big favor by pointing out the dangers of libel law and ignorance thereof (in his article on the Rose threat of suit against Johansen). I, for one, was grateful since I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout legal stuff and neither do most [Read More...]

The War of the Rose Continues Me, I’m no lawyer and so can’t comment on the merits of the suit against Johansen, but given that Crisis wrote a rather damning piece on Rose’s book last month the words that come to mind are “Pot. Kettle. Black.” For the life of me, I can’t see a [Read More...]

The Implosion of Bob Sungenis Several people have contacted Bob privately and urged him to abandon his attack on the Jews, much as they urged him to abandon his peculiar determination to insist on geocentrism. No dice. I’ve been kill-filed. Others are persona non grata with Bob. James Scott over at TCR News took Bob [Read More...]

New Definition of Irony Bill Clinton is getting $12 million for his memoirs, and Hillary got $8 million for hers. That’s $20 million for two people, who for eight years, repeatedly testified they couldn’t remember anything. [Read more...]

By the way, if you listen to Catholic Radio or are a fan of Greg Popcak… The reason I was in Steubenville was twofold (threefold, really, if you count “I’ve always wanted to go to Mass in Mingo Junction, OH.”): I was there to tape a four-tape series with Greg Popcak (which will be available [Read More...]

Back from Steubenville! Arrived very late last night and tumbled into bed. Rose late. Took the kidlets off to the homeschool co-op. Plowed through a ton of email. Finally read my blog comments a minute ago. It’s so nice to see folks can go on without me. Maybe I’ll just start posting single word topics [Read More...]

I’m off to Steubenville! Got a taping session (two actually) and a party to go to at Greg Popcak’s house. Be back late Sunday, blog again Monday most likely. Hope to see any of you who are going to the writer’s conference. Won’t be there myself, but might pop in briefly. Toodles! [Read more...]