There goes Poland [Read more...]

D’oh! Someone in the world is the world’s worst doctor. And somebody has an appointment with him tomorrow! – George Carlin [Read more...]

Gay Brownshirts on the March! Here’s an edifying note sent to the folks at Biil c250 will pass. Your group will be the first one we go after. You are nothing but a group of hatefilled bigots. How dare you use a name like freedominion, free for who, right wing ***holes. I was in [Read More...]

Elinor remarks on the thread about the Sin of Anger and my remarks to all the Gloom and Doomers: What this string has needed has been some clarity about what kind of “hope” we’re talking about. Hope the theological virtue, the confidence that God is watching over us and will turn all to good? Hope [Read More...]

CAEI: Part of a balanced diet A reader writes: Your blog is sure doing a job on me. Reading all those comments each day has helped me be very thankful for the gifts of faith, hope, and charity. Being a Catholic since 1933 and 20 years in the Navy has put me in a confused [Read More...]

More chewiness from my reader He’s forwarding me snippets from a conversation elsewhere in cyberspace: The terms “liberal” and “conservative” are so vague and flexible as to me meaningless from a philosophic or theological standpoint; they are purely marketing terms whose “meaning” is filled by spin doctors. The term “Liberalism” however has a very precise [Read More...]

Gay Brownshirts on the March! Wardrobe provided by “Militia Eye for the Queer Guy”. A quick note: A number of reader have remarked how lame these idiots look. Quite so. The Munich Beer Hall Putsch was lame too. It’s the thought that counts. Kathy Shaidle’s quite right. It’s just a little foretaste of C-250 in [Read More...]

In the Moral Wonderland of the New York Times when Conservatives try to argue that Catholics who support abortion are contradicting their faith, they are “exploiting” Catholic Democrats. But when the Evil Party plays the Race Card and implies that a vote for a Republican is a vote for Church Burning, they are just “reaching [Read More...]

The Seattle Times Goes Deep A reader sends this along with excerpted quotes: “Our ‘instant-gratification’ culture often makes it tough to resist temptation.” Thank you Keanu Reeves, Moral Philosopher “And that was before Krispy Kreme and Internet porn. If Paul were alive today, he’d really be tormented.” Right; St. Paul didn’t have to deal with [Read More...]

Damn that complicated theology! Disputations offers a typically convoluted bit of Thomistic rigamarole. Who can memorize or understand all these complex formulae? The gospel is supposed to be simple and the Church has made it so complex! [Read more...]