From the Passive-Aggressive Christian Front Christians who use their faith to medicate some deep inner need to beat the daylights out of somebody will typically practice bizarre forms of denial that serve to fool nobody but them. So a website that spend inordinate amounts of time telling bald faced lies about Catholics will, for instance, [Read More...]

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A Different Kind of Passion This Holy Week, take a few minutes to visit the “Church of the Catacombs” – the Greek Catholic Church of the Ukraine, who after 50 years of terrible persecution, emerged from the catacombs in 1991. Visit Catholic Outreach to the Northern Ukraine’s website (CONU is an initiative that matches US [Read More...]

Ardent Catholic John Kerry Wins NARAL Endorsement Another “Catholic” Whore for the Sacrament of Abortion. The Democratic Party continues to earn my utter contempt. The only principle remaining to it, the one thing it would rather die than sacrifice, is its fanatical committment to murdering babies. May God destroy it swiftly. Catholic Light remarks on [Read More...]

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Happy Palm Sunday! Have a lovely day? IT FIGURES! YOU MISERABLE GAIA-HATING SWINE! Environmentalists: Working 24/7 to find more reasons for you to feel like Nature is a Goddess and you are Her disease. [Read more...]

C&EI; Attains to the Coveted Level of First Brigadehood at Southern Appeal Southern Appeal Attains the Exalted Status of C&EI; Blogrolldom. Mutually Assured Okay-Affirmingness Reigns! [Read more...]

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