Okay. Now This is *really* Weird! When I go to www.markshea.blogspot.com I get the view of yesterday’s page. When I go to markshea.blogspot.com, it shows me the most recent entry. Freaky. Any explanations? Oh, and please *email* me with technogeek info since I may not see your comment since I may not see the entry [Read More...]


Help! My Blog is Being Weird! I’m getting messages from people saying they can’t see anything written after April 12. When I log on, I can’t see anything after the 4:01 PM entry yesterday. Meanwhile, judging from some of the comments some folk could see the entry I made last night (and then removed in [Read More...]


Ubergruppenfuehrer of Canadian Gay Brownshirts is a Thief Hopefully, he just torpedoed his own attempt to muzzle free speech. But the public lip-bite routine could win the sympathy vote. We’ll see. Update: A bit more on the Narcissist of the North. I hope he gets real treatment and not something that just drives him further [Read More...]


This (“Who is Marilyn Musgrave?”) explains why Sullivan writes like this (“Must read”) to the Dems, pleading with them to give him an excuse to vote for them. I particularly enjoy the characterization of Musgrave as “obsessed” with homosexuality. You see, when you think homosexual practice is a bad thing and say so repeatedly, you [Read More...]


I think what infuriates me about Al-Quaeda’s pipsqueak ultimatum to Europe… is what it reveals about the stunning arrogance of these puny little pinheads. I know it sounds silly to be aggravated that cold blooded killers are also immodest and eaten up with pride, but nonetheless it does anger you, doesn’t it? These bastards really [Read More...]


Sherry Weddell responds… …to Standard Issue Comment Box Gloom and Doom down below: As for the fruits of Vatican II, we aren’t nearly far enough away to see the Councils’ impact yet. The Church doesn’t live in a vacuum but in the midst of culture. We had to come to confront, discern, and sort-out (and [Read More...]


The Evil Party Tries to Show How Catholic it is… for the same reason margarine manufacturers try to show their product tastes like butter: because everybody in the world knows that it’s not true. I would have more respect for Dems if they would just say, “Okay fine! We’ve had it with the stupid Christian [Read More...]


Divide and Conquer Al-Quaeda summons the ghost of bin Laden from the rubble of Tora Bora in an effort to drive a wedge between the US and Europe still deeper. The US ain’t backing down. It remains to be seen what the various European nations will do. Spain backed down and got more threats of [Read More...]


Courts Are Still Eager to Kill Terri Schiavo Enjoy those godlike powers when you get ‘em, your honors. You will have much to answer for when your turn comes to face the Tribunal that will decide your eternal fate. [Read more...]


Sharon and Arafat issue Joint Statement “None of us was serious about Oslo. We never were.” If the Palestinians had been serious, they would not be blowing up buses full of children (duh). If the Israelis had been serious, they would not have spent the decade after Oslo doubling their population on the West Bank [Read More...]