Actually, I kinda like it… But then, I do have visions of the next entry at the Curt Jester with a photoshopped gigantic bottle of Windex built as a permanent structure next to the chapel. Over to you, Jeff. [Read more...]

Abp. Harry Flynn to Respectful but Scandalized Flock: Drop Dead The letter from the flock: The contemptuous response of the Shepherd: So much for the “responsive to lay concern” makeover at Dallas, at least in that Archdiocese. I think the Abp’s treatment of this woman is despicable. And I urge more letters to [Read More...]

John Paul II Again Entrusts World to Mary: Renews Act of Consecration of 1984 An act guaranteed to bring together Rad Trad and Protestant Fundamentalist Conspiracy theorists in happy concord. Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is still with you. So if we’re with you, we’re with him too. [Read more...]

A Brand New Homestarrunner Cartoon! [Read more...]

Sherry Weddell writes over on Amy’s blog: On the behalf of liturgically-challenged types like myself who show no sign of just “getting” the liturgy by participating in it: I’m with Mark Windsor. People like me need help! It took my *15* years to really “get” the basic ideas behind the Mass. I complained to a [Read More...]

Whoopsey Daisy! Sleep well. [Read more...]

From our “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” Dept. Geocentrism Expert, Googler for Nazi Quotes, and Einstein critic Robert Sungenis surveys a world riven by war, plagued with disease, rushing toward perversion and death both spiritual and physical that is dying for lack of Jesus Christ. Nope, nothing interesting there. Ah HA! Finally, with the gift [Read More...]

Related Feasts The power of story being what it is, many people can relate to the exaltation of the meek and the small in the Lord of the Rings. Today is an appropriate day to recall that since this is the day that Frodo, with the help of Iluvatar’s Providential grace, destroyed the One Ring, [Read More...]

The Dominican Sisters of Nashville May Have a Job for You! I am Sister Mary Justin, a Nashville Dominican sister. In the capacity of Vice President for Academic Affairs of Aquinas College, I am searching for candidates to fill full-time faculty positions in our ASN Program and our Business Program, as well as an administrative [Read More...]

Here’s a Catholic hero ROTC guy. Parachuted into Normandy the day before D Day. Won Bronze and Silver Stars. Worked his way from rags to riches and then, in obedience to Christ, gave it all away. (“He says he has but one regret: “I’m sorry I don’t have more money to give away.”) Married to [Read More...]