Catholic Light Weighs in on Iraq Evangelization [Read more...]

Speaking of hope…. If you’ve never been to a St. Catherine of Siena Institute workshop, then you are in for a major treat. Don’t miss this if you can! NEED HOPE for your parish and the Church? Would you like the chance to meet some of the emerging generation of faithful Catholic leaders from around [Read More...]

This is why comments boxes are so cool! For all the billions of gallons of ASCII spilled on blogs concerning Islam and Christianity, it is remarkably rare to actually meeting somebody who even knows a Muslim, much less somebody who knows what’s going on in the Mission field. Here is the invaluable Nurah, filling us [Read More...]

Tragic news from Johnnette Benkovic Our son, Simon, was killed today in his truck in an accident. Please pray for us…please pray for us. Johnnette Johnnette’s ministry, Living His Life Abundantly, can be contacted here. My sincerest condolences, Johnnette. May Simon’s soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, [Read More...]

Now this is what I like to see exported to Iraq! May it be the first serious blow against Islamic hegemony! God protect them from martyrdom through Jesus Christ! [Read more...]

It turns out starving people to death is still against Church teaching However, that’s not an actual dogma, which means pro-death Catholics who operate by the Minimum Daily Adult Requirement Theory of Spiritual Formation will feel free to ignore it under the John Kerry “Jesus never actually said anything about abortion and the Church has [Read More...]

Reasonable Eastern Critique of the Passion [Read more...]

Could there possible be anything more wondrous and healthy for children than homosex? No! Nothing! It is the source and summit of all that it noble, pure, good and *especially* normal. Normal, normal, normal. Say it with me, children: Normal, normal, normal. And if you think otherwise, children, you are BAD. Say it with me, [Read More...]

Answer: Yes. Especially this one. Next question? [Read more...]

Disputations asks a burning question about the length of Jesus’ hair One of the marks of the difference between the general Catholic outlook on things and that of obsessive sectarianism is that a question which is a whimsical thought with all the weight of a butterfly for a Catholic is, for some people, a burning [Read More...]