Amy Blogged this, but in case you missed it Catholicism’s Trojan Horse I would sooner send my kid to a dogmatically secularist institution like the University of Washington (where his Faith will be held in open contempt–and therefore become tough and strong) than to some faux Catholic school like Seattle U, where the profs (yes, [Read More...]

This has “Only in America” written all over it I can practically hear the Leno jokes. Although, to be accurate, the title should say, “Most recent faith-based prison opens” since the original concept of a penitentiary (note the etymology of the word) was precisely faith-based. When you had shown yourself truly penitent, you were released. [Read More...]

Another Politics and Religion Story that would never run in the American Press [Read more...]

In my ongoing quest to inspire a bit of hope …along with fellow natural born “seller” personality, Sherry Weddell, I offer this link to a piece on the Disciplines of Hope from the invaluable Siena Institute. Tolle, lege! [Read more...]

Gloom and Doom is also, by the way, contrary to the Evangelical Counsels Here’s a brief comment from a reader who writes: I have yet to encounter a single, grateful, serene, engaging traditionalist. There’s something about their whole stance that must be fundamentally poisonous. If I ever had a desire to explore Traditionalism, it is [Read More...]

Call me a cockeyed optimist… But really, I’d prefer to just be called a Catholic. I’ve been making fun of the relentless gloom and doom that seems to characterize so many comment boxes here and throughout St. Blogs. Yesterday I posted some hopeful info from Sherry Weddell. It was not pollyanna info (for Weddell is, [Read More...]

Agg! No time! Don’t expect too much interaction today. I’ve got stuff to write and no time to write it! I’ll blog a few things for people to chew on, then I’m outta here! Oh! By the way, I will be on the radio tomorrow on something called the “Ultimate Self-Help Show”, talking about A [Read More...]

Okay. Now This is *really* Weird! When I go to I get the view of yesterday’s page. When I go to, it shows me the most recent entry. Freaky. Any explanations? Oh, and please *email* me with technogeek info since I may not see your comment since I may not see the entry [Read More...]

Help! My Blog is Being Weird! I’m getting messages from people saying they can’t see anything written after April 12. When I log on, I can’t see anything after the 4:01 PM entry yesterday. Meanwhile, judging from some of the comments some folk could see the entry I made last night (and then removed in [Read More...]

Ubergruppenfuehrer of Canadian Gay Brownshirts is a Thief Hopefully, he just torpedoed his own attempt to muzzle free speech. But the public lip-bite routine could win the sympathy vote. We’ll see. Update: A bit more on the Narcissist of the North. I hope he gets real treatment and not something that just drives him further [Read More...]