I’m outta here again! August means short weeks, long weekends. This time we’re out the door to Washington Park near Anacortes, on the beeyootiful shores of Puget Sound. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, we’re having more fun. While I’m gone remember: you kids don’t put no beans up your noses. And it’s never [Read More...]


Doug Sirman responds… to my puzzled question about why so many Protestants are fascinated with the internal workings of a communion to which they don’t belong. Doug (a Protestant himself, though with Romish leanings) writes: Good question. Frankly, I believe that many prots see the Roman Catholic Church as “Mother Church” even if they won’t [Read More...]


Integrity ponders the response of St. Blog’s to Rod Dreher’s piece As far as “polarization” goes, I think part of it is due to the fact that, at the end of the day, none of us can (humanly speaking) do anything to change anything. So we turn to talking to each other and from there, [Read More...]


A PSA from Fr. Paul Hartmann For those of you who might be interested, no matter where you are, next Monday morning from 7am to 8am CDT, Archbishop-elect Timothy Dolan will be doing an hour long, radio interview (open to callers). He has done this sort of thing twice before and it is quite exciting. [Read More...]


Johansen on Dreher on Johansen Oh, and by the way, Fr. Johansen says it’s “vomitorium” not “regurgitarium”. I stand corrected. [Read more...]


Mark Shea Catches Nihil Obstat in a Typo! Alert the Media! Nihil writes in the comment box at this entry: Mark, Thanks for pointing me to yet another [victim] member of St. Blog’s Parish . N.O. nihil obstat Check it out! There is a SPACE between “Parish” and the period! Nihil Obstat has been BUSTED! [Read More...]


AIDS as a spiritual metaphor A major American corporation sponsors sex in St. Pat’s on a solemn Catholic feast day. The response from the cardinal of New York? Not a sound. Wanna know why? CNN commentary: “I hardly think that the Catholic League is in the right position to be saying who should lose their [Read More...]


Dale Price Weighs in on Dreher vs. Hoopes [Read more...]


The Ikea catalogue may already have overtaken the Bible as the world’s most widely distributed publication. [Read more...]


Speaking of the Triumph of Pleasure Sandra Miesel mentions to me that “the lead headline in this morning’s Indy STAR is that three gay couples are suing the state for the right to marry. One lesbian pair has a son, made from donor sperm and the egg of one implanted in the other. (Resquisite picture [Read More...]


Christopher Lansdown is Puzzling over the Church’s Objection to Artificial Contraception It’s an honorable attempt to grapple with the problem, but I think he makes some important mistakes. Most importantly, he conflates all technology with the attempt to “thwart” nature. It’s not. Some technology thwarts nature. Some technology perfects or enhances nature. It’s the difference [Read More...]


Opie and Dopie Get the Heave-Ho from Viacom If they get hired by anybody as a reward for their stunt then their advertisers should be informed that this a bad marketing strategy. [Read more...]