More on Just War A reader writes: I saw your blog post on the immorality of the obliteration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in light of Just War theory. I am inclined to agree with you, but allow me to play the Devil’s Advocate for a moment. Consider this: how applicable is the demand to distinguish [Read More...]

A reader writes… Here in the archdiocese of Oklahoma City we are especially involved in the statements being made by Gov. Keating that have caused an uproar (to leave our dioceses for Mass, etc.) – especially with our own Archbishop Beltran. But then, we pick up the diocesan newspaper and find that the author of [Read More...]

So why not round these guys up and deport them? It seems rather convenient that they will all be in one place. [Read more...]

Klinghoffer on the Insanity of Liberal Jews Condemning anti-semitic twaddle is not the same as saying Jews are above criticism. David Klinghoffer does a nice job of spotlighting one of the great idiocies of Jewish life in the US: the absolutely crazy rancor directed at Evangelicals by outfits like the ADL and the AJC. As [Read More...]

Science sheds a little more light on the evil of abortion Planned Parenthood spokesman issues the following statement: “LALALALA! We’re not listening!” [Read more...]

“I’m so judgmental” says a reader… Went to the rehearsals for the “Rolling Requiem” concert this week. I’ve sung the Mozart a few times before, and didn’t have anybody particular in mind while singing “Confutatis maledictis, flammis acribus addictis”. The September 11 angle changes that. [Read more...]

Pavel Chichikov… in addition to being a fine poet, is also a good photographer. [Read more...]

Integrity takes Nihil Obstat a lot more seriously than I do Personally, I find N.O. amusing. But then that could be because we’re the same person, according to some rumors by people with way too much tendency to buy into conspiracy theories. The truth is, however, I spend far too much time arguing with Gerard [Read More...]

Bishop Ad Hoc Sex Abuse Panel Gets Re-Configured Happily, Bp. McCormack, the man who didn’t notice anything amiss when people complained that Paul Shanley was publicly advocating sex with children, is out. My question: how did he get on the panel in the first place? Oh well, he’s gone now, so that’s good enough for [Read More...]

Thou art Peter… And upon this rock I will build my new movement within Judaism that is to evolve into Christianity. (Somebody named Rev. Edward Franks, an Episcopalian engaged in (surprise!) “gay” causes (support for “gay marriage”) corrects John Mallon for taking Jesus seriously.) [Read more...]

From our bulging “Relapsed Catholic is Back” file [Read more...]

Memo to Jew Haters: Buh-bye! I’m not a complete libertarian in the realm of ideas. There are conversations I don’t believe it is worth my time to have–or moderate. If somebody wants to fill up my comments boxes on the “question” of whether Hitler got a bad rap, or “Incest: A Sensitive Reappraisal” or “Let’s [Read More...]