George Weigel was in Seattle which is his old stomping grounds. This piece is interesting in the way it shows another lefty having doubts about the Fascist Left. A friend went to hear Weigel and asked him about the Pope’s understanding of just war teaching. Weigel remarked that the Pope, a man of enormous intellectual [Read More...]

Isaiah is Not Nostradamus (If it comes to that, even Nostradamus is not Nostradamus.) Somebody told me yesterday that Isaiah 30:25 is apparently a trendy verse to quote in some Bible prophecy circles, being taken as a prediction of great victories for the United States Kingdom of Heaven in the wake of 9/11. It reads: [Read More...]

Well, this is certainly direct For myself, when everybody keeps saying things like “This war will be just, so long as the UN says “Go” I am satisfied Bush, not the UN, is the competent authority, since Congress has given him authorization and the UN charter recognizes the right of sovereign nations to declare war. [Read more...]

The Heavens declare the glory of God and this nifty site helps you get a little more familiar with the heavens. [Read more...]

We had a beautiful walk in the Cascade Mountains Here’s a picture my son took of me frolicking with one of the adorable woodland creatures: [Read more...]

I’m outta here My latest piece is up over at Catholic Exchange. I’m off with my two older sons to get us some of that there October. We’re hiking out to Monte Cristo, a little ghost town up in the mountains. I shall (God willing) be back, footsore and happy on Monday. You kids don’t [Read More...]

Jacob Michael (from CAI) writes in my comments box way down below Jacob is the brand spanking new Catholic with the oil of chrism still wet on his brow who has dubbed himself competent to correct Holy Church on the inferiority of the Paul VI Mass, to defend cutting and pasting Nazi literature in order [Read More...]

When a blog begins… Jimmy Carter, the first (and only) American President ever to be attacked by a swimming rabbit, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize today…. you know the rest has to be great. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the inimitable Dale Price! Dale, refresh my memory. Why is it you’ve never tried [Read More...]

Uh oh [Read more...]

When bishops do this, it’s despicable but when Planned Parenthood does it, it’s enlightened and progressive. [Read more...]

Meanwhile, back on the Plantation… [Read more...]

Um, if you don’t want people to think you are barbarians…. Falwell’s remarks (about Mohammed as a “terrorist”) were out of line. His remarks that Mohammed was a man of war and violence are strict historical fact. But, y’know, when my Village Atheist medicates his need to feel superior to the hoi polloi by saying [Read More...]