I don’t think the accusation of anti-Catholicism against Ashcroft is fair But I am troubled at the Big Brotherish overtures the State is making in the War on Terror. A friend used to say that we were three meals away from a revolution. I think we are one or two terrorist acts away from completely [Read More...]


National Review Catches up with St. Blog’s My one quibble with the article is the subtitle. It should have been “What the hell are the Catholic bishops thinking?” Vile words for vile things. I mean, think about it, VoTF at least has the excuse of being a bunch of clueless lay nincompoops whose entire mission [Read More...]


JPII: Between the Lidless Eye Reactionaries and the Tapioca Left Critics of the Pope continue to inadvertently persuade me to stick closer to him than ever. Just yesterday on my blog, there was an exciting series of posts from hysterical reactionaries who hate this Pope, clearly regard him as an egomaniac (a charge that is, [Read More...]


No! It Can’t be True! Abstinence Education Works to Decrease HIV Infections?! No! It’s a lie from Fear-Based Moralists! Condoms are the True and Only Way! We must find a way to make people repeat this Article of Faith from the Libertine Creed of the 60s three times every morning and thereby make it true. [Read More...]


If only women could be priests, things like this would never happen [Read more...]


What do Andrew Sullivan and Sean Hannity have in common? Both are what I would call “tribal Catholics”. People whose primal allegiance is to the Church as a sort of flag, who couldn’t imagine themselves as anything other than Catholics at some core level, and yet who, at the level of “grasp of the Church’s [Read More...]


“Back up your Birth Control with Emergency Contraception” “Emergency Contraception” being translated means “abortion”. This helpful campaign is being sponsored by SIECUS, one of the guiding stars for VOTF. (“F” stands for “Faithful”). Glad to see VOTF working hard to protect innocent children from violence. Meanwhile, the monitors of the VOTF message board, acting more [Read More...]


VOTF Continues Down the Path of Being Co-Opted by the Same Tired Radicals From the VOTF message board, posted Mon Jul 22, 2002 3:05 pm: I attended the conference Saturday and was greatly disappointed in many respects. Jim Muller and Paul Baier have emphasized that VOTF was not a left or right wing group, but [Read More...]


Shea: Bin Laden is Dead and This Paper is Acting as a Mouthpiece to Spread Fear for Al-Quaeda [Read more...]


Blogs4God is on the air! [Read more...]


I can’t resist these A man walked into a doctor’s office with a cucumber up his nose, a carrot in his right ear, and a banana in his left ear. “What’s wrong with me, Doc?” he asked. The doctor took one glance and pronounced, “You’re not eating properly.” b’dum BUM! So this horse walks into [Read More...]


Kairos on, uh, Mawwiage [Read more...]