Hispanic Television Network Fails to Affirm Chemically Pure Glory of Homosexuality Right Thinking will be Rewarded. Wrong Thinking will be Punished. [Read more...]


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Somebody sent me this this morning Independent Catholic News JERUSALEM – 30 July 2001 Nun speaks of Palestinian Christians’ lack of bitterness by Sr Mary There is a Christian hymn which has as its refrain: ‘The rocks would shout if we kept still and failed to preach the word’ It is the Lord’s insistent will [Read More...]


Atheists Being Left Behind by Progress David Brooks points out the obvious fact that secularist boasting about being the Wave of the Future is not panning out as planned. The impulse to worship is encoded into the DNA. The fact that a few flukes have managed to blind themselves to the reality of the supernatural [Read More...]


Charles Colson Fails to Affirm Many-Faceted Perfections of Homosexuality and Gay Marriage Canadian government seeks extradition in order to “re-educate” hate preacher. [Read more...]


Zero Tolerance (AKA “Soviet Justice”) Administrators at the school praised the Zero Tolerance Policy because “it saves us the effort of having to make tiresome moral distinctions between victims and bullies. Just lock ‘em all up!” [Read more...]


It’s especially urgent that we bring to Iraq the shimmering splendor that is Homosexuality, because our civilization is nothing but a light to the world So nice to know that you can listen to a panel of sadomasochists *and* take a “rope bondage” class at Harvard. And, of course, the legacy of Martin Luther King, [Read More...]


Another cowardly America-hater like me writes: Yeah. Count me in. I’m not so sold on ‘this cause.’ My two older boys are 19 and 17 — prime targets for a draft. The 19 year old is to spend his summer in an internship at the medical school where he is an undergrad. He’s the kind [Read More...]


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