My Village Atheist Reveals his Touching Naivete writing in the comments box under How Revelation Proceeds, he declares: “Just about every religion says that they are the One, the True, the Only.” He then lists exactly three (3) religious traditions as proof of this point. Oddly the three he names happen to be the great [Read More...]

My Reader Writes Back …concerning the Quetzlcoatl thing…. I’m waiting to see a photo to be sent by a friend w/a digital camera, but I’m not hopeful. The description I read is not Christianity conquering pagan gods, but Christianity being one of many. Robert Graham, the artist who created the doors, did a statue honoring [Read More...]

George Weigel Rocks Got The Courage to be Catholic from Amazon today. The guy is sooooo good. Read this if you care about the reform of the Church in America. [Read more...]

A reader says You guys do realize, do you not, that among the pagan deities carved onto the door of the L.A. Cathedral is Quetzalcoatl, the bloodthirsty Aztec demon-god to whom tens of thousands of human beings were sacrificed, and whose worship Our Lady of Guadalupe came to crush. Lord knows I hold on to [Read More...]

Sandra Miesel (that’s MIESEL, not MEISEL) pleads My comment under the ICEL defended by NCR entry, a commentator failed to note that I was making fun of myself and not Archbishop Chaput, whom I’ve met and highly admire. Somebody had speculated on whether he’d make a good pope and I was saying he’s equipped to [Read More...]

Bush to Discuss Attacking Iraq with Congressoids Are you fer or agin war with Iraq? Discuss. I’d particularly like people to bring Just War theory to bear on this question. Keep it civil. [Read more...]

It turns out abstinence can make a dent in AIDS Article blasphemes against my Village Atheist’s god. [Read more...]

Ah September! When apple-cheeked Catholic youth go off to their Catholic schools so they can burn incense and chant to discover their Native American animal spirit guides. Dunno which diocese this is that’s just hung out the “Please Send Your Tithes Elsewhere” sign, but my two word reply is “Yay Homeschoolers!” [Read more...]

Doug Sirman on Fr. David Jaeger You’ve made several references to this case. I think you ought to read it if you haven’t already. People can make appalling errors in judgement. Errors which may be understandable given a full comprehension of the context. However, those errors can lead to equally appalling consequences. I think of [Read More...]

Evangelical Atheist=Jerk [Read more...]

On the Good News Front It’s a happy thing to see these good bishops from obscure dioceses emerge to do good and save the day. [Read more...]

Neumayr on the Taj Mahony It may be ugly, but at least it’s inaccessible. Tithes may be diverted to Mercy Corps, Human Life, or perhaps to a fund for Victims of Fr. Carl Sutphin. Here is a Cardinal who is eminently worthy of not receiving tithes. But don’t you even think about refusing to go [Read More...]