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Toldja “I firmly believe that, given the choice between, on the one hand, a Clinton who would end the War on Terror immediately but approve gay marriage and, on the other hand, Bush, Sullivan would unhesitatingly vote for Clinton. It is *all* about gay sex for Andrew. The Islamofascist threat was the largest threat to [Read More...]

Kerry: Abortion Would Have Averted Crucifixion Scrappleface: Is it Satire or An Uncanny Channel for the Deepest Thoughts of the Democratic Mind? [Read more...]

Calling the Heartsick of Lexington, Kentucky I know if you are like me, when a chancery rat gets walking papers here in Seattle, it’s as if time stops. The grief for all of us in the Seattle Archdiocese is overwhelming when some paper pusher is told to find some other form of employment. I customarily [Read More...]

It’s time to give this bitter old crank an enema and walking papers [Read more...]

From our Glass Half Full Dept. A.N. Wilson was a young fogie who went from Anglicanism to the Catholic Church. Then, (in obedience to Chesterton’s remark that the man who says, “The modern intellect can no longer accept the simple-minded doctrines of the Trinity and the Real Presence” really means “I’m sleeping with my neighbor’s [Read More...]

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Homestarrunner’s April Fool Cartoon is fun Just keep watching. [Read more...]

The Calvinist Idea of the Dream Vacation “While on board, you will be the student of Dr. James White and the staff of Alpha and Omega Ministries as they examine the Biblical doctrine of Justification.” Sun, sea breezes, froo froo drinks with little umbrellas, and brow-furrowed perusals of The Great Man’s wire-drawn diagrams of the [Read More...]

Interesting New Blog Chronicling the Inscape of the Conversion Process Very sensibly, the author is anonymous and (just as sensibly) he provides no comments boxes. Nobody needs a peanut gallery lobbing comments in the Holy of Holies of the soul. Check it out. Be reminded that conversion is an incredibly *intimate* process. The idea that [Read More...]