Kerry Courts Catholic Abortion Whore Vote [Read more...]

In Boston, Support for the Family is Now a Daring Act of Counter-Cultural Thinking The author, whose gifted insightfulness into the obvious is (I must humbly say) just part and parcel of the name, is no relation. [Read more...]

Theological Nicety Corner Here’s a piece featuring a typical Evangelical Who Went to College and Learned to Talk Like a Liberal Episcopalian Religion Prof. Now she mouths all the normal platitudes about how the Real Message of the Gospel is Social Justice. However, to her credit, she does affirm the Resurrection, so she’s not an [Read More...]

Being Karl Keating Must be Interesting You get such fascinating correspondence for one thing! I GET A LETTER FROM THE POPE Dear Friend of Catholic Answers: It isn’t everyday that one receives a private letter from a pope. In fact, this is the first time I have received such a letter. I once had the [Read More...]

I renew my prediction that there will be gladiatorial combat to the death on live TV within my lifetime. My reason for thinking so? Because this ad (depicting a cat being beheaded) is now seen as “funny” by the Manufacturers of Culture in Europe. This was never, apparently, aired. But the fact that it was [Read More...]

Am I the only one who is not absolutely certain that the No 1 Priority of the American bishops is to excommunicate John Kerry? Would most of me love to see it happen? Sure! And I’ll bet the cry “Hulk Smash” is cathartic for Dr. Bruce Banner too. But do I think that the final [Read More...]

Ann Coulter Sums Up My Views of the Kangaroo Commission I have nothing but contempt for this bit of Dem electioneering while people are dying in Iraq. What? But I thought you opposed the war, Shea! Correction: I think our grounds for going in did not meet Just War criteria. But we’re there now and [Read More...]

Being as it’s still Easter… …and will be all week: Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! Now I’m off to bed. Please do me a favor: pray for my sister-in-law Norma. She had knee replacement surgery and was on the mend but developed an infection. They’ve had to take the whole knee back out and now [Read More...]

Tales of the Unexplained The thing is, the demonic is real. So I tend to go by Occam’s Razor when stuff that looks, acts, smells and sounds demonic is occurring. When more conventional explanations don’t seem to fit, I don’t think its necessarily good sense to go looking for the most extreme and improbable naturalistic [Read More...]

The Culture of Cool [Read more...]