The Latest Round in the War of the Rose The September issue of Crisis apparently has a piece on Michael Rose’s critique of Louvain. Fr. Rob Johansen has some comments. Oh, and final arguments in the Grip ‘n Grin Discussion [Read more...]

Getting up to Speed Lately, I’ve been getting email from people describing their acts of piety in the “Cult of Rod”. I haven’t quite known what this is all about. Now I see that Rod has laid out his own personal Book of Leviticus for the edification of cult members over in a comments box [Read More...]

Pope as Teacher, Pope as Flag Stephen’s reaction to my piece puts me in mind of one of the odd phenomena I have observed. Namely, there are those who love the Pope as a teacher and those who love him as a sort of flag. My thoughts on how facing the altar and the world [Read More...]

Stephen Hand’s critique of my piece on “community building” is mystifying me He somehow forms the idea that I am pitting community against the transcendental dimension of the Mass and demanding people choose one or the other. Read the piece yourself. I could have sworn I said both were the goal, but that we get [Read More...]

Another abusive priest is found after the clerical mafia’s efforts to hide him fail I hope they can put this guy away but I fear the statute of limitations will work against it. Maybe they can nail him for fleeing justice? After that though, I hope they can also jail his accomplices. Enough! [Read more...]

Now Here’s a Cool Idea! It turns out that 99% of the priests out there are good guys. They need encouragement and we need to be reminded just how good they are. Check out Read a cool story or two and leave one of your own if you’ve got one. [Read more...]

My Pal James Akin of Catholic Answers has a blog! Your one-stop shopping point for all your apologetics needs. And, if you come from a Reformed background (which I don’t) he’s Da Man for answering your questions since he’s been where you are and can scratch where you itch. [Read more...]

A Priest in Medicine Hat with Spine Frances Quisling lecturing the priest on upholding Church teaching is like Michael Dukakis in a tank. [Read more...]

From the “My Readers Are Just So Incredibly Classy” Department Mr. Koch – I’m sure you’re busy, so i’ll keep it simple: Protestant pastor, no Catholic family a’tall. Massively offended, more by the cop-out rationalizations than by the fact you backed into this meat-grinder by way of doing PR, which i do actually understand. Y’all [Read More...]

Anchor Hold on Vespers in Milwaukee [Read more...]

Tim Drake on Our Lady of Hollywood, Dreher and Signs Your one-stop shopping place for all your August 2002 American Catholic cultural needs. [Read more...]

A Sam Adams Joke Jim Koch sent the first bottles of Sam Adams off to be analyzed for FDA approval. The lab sent them back the bad news: “Your horse has diabetes.” [Read more...]