For some reason, I think this well-meaning analysis is working too hard [Read more...]

A reader writes Have you noticed that the AP-Reuters boilerplate on reporting TPOTC now has two items? The first was “… which critics denounce as anti-semitic”. Now they’ve added “… which critics say distort the Gospel”. The great thing about quoting critics, of course, is that “critics” can say any damn fool thing and in [Read More...]

Academics Discover Noses on Their Own Faces “Amazing! We never would have guessed!” [Read more...]

The French: Masters of Effective Political Action [Read more...]

Evangelicals: The Next Generation It will be interesting to see where this goes. My own guess is that Evangelicalism as we know it will be gone in a couple of generations. Evangelicalism will not, I think, be able to hold together. When it gets a college degree, it tends to become Catholic (or Orthodox), sometime [Read More...]

Mary Ann Glendon has a lot of Hope for Gen Y The Boomers: Serving as a Warning to Others [Read more...]

Sudan Slave Crucified by Muslim Master Jesse Jackson demands immediate reparation for American slavery 150 years ago. [Read more...]

We believe in one, holy, catholic, and apostolic popular content service. The Pope is broadcasting on one frequency. David Kerr, Strategy Analytics analyst is receiving on another. T’was ever thus. [Read more...]

I’m likin’ this O’Malley Guy more and more. Anybody who can raise McNamara’s voice to a shriek of panic audible only to dogs is alright in my book. [Read more...]

Catholic Kerry Watch For all your gross religious hypocrite needs. [Read more...]