The Quetzlcoatl Complaint Continues My reader continues… Apparently the concern is not with the outer doors, which depict Mary in various guises, but with the inner doors, which depict not only the “Southwest Indian Flying Serpent” (a form of Quetzalcoatl, I’m guessing), but a number of signs and symbols of pagan religion. You can see [Read More...]

Shocking Facts about Naked Mole Rats and discussion of Just War too, continue on HMS Blog! It turns out they aren’t all female and asexual (naked mole rats, not Just Warriors). And it turns out they have some strong reservations about war with Iraq (Just Warriors, not naked mole rats). [Read more...]

A Belgian-American writes: Since I’m not Native American in the PC sense of the term I can’t properly have a Native American animal spirit guide. But being almost entirely of Gaulish/Teutonic stock I feel entitled to a European vegetable guide to spirits. I’m pleased to tell you that I’ve managed a very satisfying relationship with [Read More...]

More on the Quetzlcoatl Thang from a Serious and orthodox Catholic Convert [Read more...]

Michael Rose apparently threatens suit against Fr. Rob Johansen for criticizing Goodbye Good Men I’m really surprised by this, and deeply disappointed. In other news, the Crisis piece on GGM is online. Dunno if they’ll get the same letter. I’m sure we’ll hear about it if they do. [Read more...]

The great thing about Homeschooling… is the field trips. To inaugurate our year, we are at the zoo today. Sadly, we will not be searching for Native American Animal Spirit Guides. By the way, Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo features a memorial to Jimi Hendrix (go here and scroll down to read about it), put there [Read More...]

“65 per cent of Europeans said that the European Union should become a superpower similar to the US” Something to add to my oxymoron collection! “Jumbo Shrimp” “Profoundly Shallow” “Honest Clintonite” and now…. “Weenie Superpower” [Read more...]

Progress on the Catholic School Native American Animal Spirit Guide Front in Plymouth, Michigan Greg Popcak has discovered that his Native American Animal Spirit Guide is a Naked Mole Rat. (He revealed all–figuratively speaking–on the air with me today.) Me, I’m channeling my Inner Oyster. Meanwhile, Our Guy in Michigan, Victor Lams, has been contacted [Read More...]

My Village Atheist Reveals his Touching Naivete writing in the comments box under How Revelation Proceeds, he declares: “Just about every religion says that they are the One, the True, the Only.” He then lists exactly three (3) religious traditions as proof of this point. Oddly the three he names happen to be the great [Read More...]

My Reader Writes Back …concerning the Quetzlcoatl thing…. I’m waiting to see a photo to be sent by a friend w/a digital camera, but I’m not hopeful. The description I read is not Christianity conquering pagan gods, but Christianity being one of many. Robert Graham, the artist who created the doors, did a statue honoring [Read More...]

George Weigel Rocks Got The Courage to be Catholic from Amazon today. The guy is sooooo good. Read this if you care about the reform of the Church in America. [Read more...]

A reader says You guys do realize, do you not, that among the pagan deities carved onto the door of the L.A. Cathedral is Quetzalcoatl, the bloodthirsty Aztec demon-god to whom tens of thousands of human beings were sacrificed, and whose worship Our Lady of Guadalupe came to crush. Lord knows I hold on to [Read More...]