The visual language of spirituality in Peter Jackson’s vision of The Lord of the Rings [Read more...]

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And with that, I’m off again for the third and last of my weekend jaunts to teach This Saturday (9/28) I’m in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, teaching a class on Making Senses Out of Scripture at Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Barling, Arkansas, (just east of Ft. Smith, AR) from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 [Read More...]

Cooling off… a bit I’m finally cooling off after one of the angriest days I’ve had in quite a while. Just when I think our shepherds have exhausted my capacity for outrage, something like today happens. I continue to see absolutely no justification for the Cardinal’s action (unless looking good for the camera counts). “But [Read More...]

Gerard corrects me Note that, Gerard corrects me and asks me to blog it. Gerard writes to tell me I’ve misread his statement on his blog as a flat denial of any wrongdoing, saying “The indiscretion on the website and in the paper is “correct” but there are circumstances that change it as well – [Read More...]

Shimei and the dangers of kicking a man when he’s down King David’s son Absalom attempted a coup against him. King David had to leave Jerusalem because Absalom got the upper hand. As he and little band of dispirited supporters were fleeing Jerusalem, 2 Samuel reports the following: When King David came to Bahurim, there [Read More...]

Pete Vere Summarizes Cardinal Keeler’s act of Human Sacrifice and the Bishops’ Cowardice [Read more...]

In Praise of Gerard Serafin And in disgusted condemnation of the despicable, cowardly act of Cardinal Keeler. I’ve known Gerard Serafin for a number of years, virtually speaking. We’ve been on lists together and I have always seen him to be a gracious, intensely prayerful and loving man. We’ve had our differences, even on this [Read More...]

Oh, well, this will really change hearts and minds What baffles me is what sort of beauxeau thinks he’s doing the Church or the Holy Father a favor or honoring Jesus Christ in any remote way by such chuckle-headed antics. There’s not a drop of Christian charity in it. It’s utterly and completely self-absorbed Beavis [Read More...]

I’ve always believed the Shroud of Turin was the Real McCoy [Read more...]

One of my readers is criticizing C.S. Lewis for not having an “orthodox” view of Scripture …by which he means “a view of Scripture that maps exactly with the view espoused by very conservative Protestants like me.” Of course, from a Catholic perspective, the average Protestant view of Scripture is unorthodox too, since it is [Read More...]

Ohioans inexplicably conspire against former priest A vast conspiracy of former altar boys, former students, police officers, priests and psychiatric specialists who have nothing in common are ganging up on the former Fr. Dennis Gray and charging him with abuse–out of a clear blue sky and for no reason whatever! Fr. Denny denies the complaints [Read More...]