A Guide to Passion in the News! When a major media source like the Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum (serving Bucyrus and Crawford County Ohio) sits up and takes notice, you *know* you’ve arrived. Word is we’ve signed Arnold Ziffle as a major celebrity promoter. [Read more...]


This can’t be for real [Read more...]


The High on Life Jesus Meme Continues to Gather Steam I just love how the impartial media levels the playing field so that a few academics with the Latest Dimwitted Fad are on an absolutely equal footing with All Christians at All Times. There is, you see, the “camp” that says the death and resurrection [Read More...]


The Case for the Justice of Gulf War II Continues to Deteriorate [Read more...]


Irish Law is on the air Politics, culture, Catholicism, and law, from a Domer at Ohio State [Read more...]


Interesting discussions of… two responses from two different bishops to The Passion. Don’t forget to read Amy’s followup. [Read more...]


Yes! The Archdiocese of Denver gets it! Check out the link to “A Guide to the Passion” on their home page. This is a Golden Opportunity for Catholic evangelization. Carpe diem! Thank you, Denver! Archbishop Chaput: Mazeltov! [Read more...]


Bishop of Cincinnatti attempts to square circle Bishop Pilarczyk specifically cites the Catechism to buttress his claim that barring special rights for homosexuals is “unjust discrimination”. Yet he also opposes a gay rights law that is the goal of those attempting to overturn “Article XII” to the city charter. [Read more...]


A Jesuit writes me: Why do you encourage the kind of Jesuit bashing that regularly goes on in the comments section of your blog? When you title a post “Jesuits, of course” you make it sound as if this is all you can expect from the Society of Jesus, which is untrue. Then, naturally, the [Read More...]


Answer: yes The Stupid Party has always been run by Mammon First Conservatives who are reluctantly allied with Family First Conservatives. We’ve gotten bones thrown to us over the year to keep us on the reservation. But the real energy is directed far more to Mammon. And even that has largely been abandoned now that [Read More...]