Peter Sean Bradley Finds Another Great Reason for Being Catholic Wherever the Catholic sun doth shine there is laughter and good red wine. At least I’ve always heard it so. Benedicamus Domino! (Dunno if that’s exactly right. But we does our bestest. Kudos to Hilaire Belloc who wrote this or something a great deal like [Read More...]

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Dave Alexander Weighs in on the Ongoing “Should the Pope Can Bad American Bishops” debate: “It’s the other way around, Mark” [Read more...]

Very interesting article on the Reflections document! The writer suggests, quite cogently, that it’s an insult to Jews not to engage in evangelical conversation with them. [Read more...]

A reader writes a good cut n’ paste letter to the swine at Sam Adams Beer Adapt as you like and mail it to them here: Dear Sam Adams brewers: Since you first came out (in the late ’80s), I’ve been one of your biggest fans. “Finally,” I said, “beer that someone put some thought [Read More...]

Seattle vs. Saginaw A reader writes: I was in Seattle last week for a seminar for work. It’s a gorgeous city. I really hope I get the chance to come back for a real family vacation some time. A trek to Mount Rainier seems like fun. I was there during Assumption and I had the [Read More...]

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What would be fitting justice, I wonder? Having sex on the desk of the Chairman of the Board of Sam Adams during a board meeting? No. That would be contrary to Catholic moral teaching. Flooding their offices with, uh, used beer? Again, vandalism is a sin. Can’t do it. How about just burying them in [Read More...]

I Matter Again! Nihil Obstat has criteecked my grammer again! Its grate to have you back N.O.! You’re droll wit is not unappreeshiated by every body. [Read more...]

Fr. Rob Johansen weighs in on the Rod’s piece and the vigorous debate over here on C&EI.; [Read more...]