The inimitable Dale the Lawyer has a Blog! Time to update my template! [Read more...]

SatireWire is giving the Onion a run for it’s money “SUPREME COURT RULES EARNINGS SHOULD BE PROTECTED AS “ART” [Read more...]

Touche! Minute Particulars makes some cogent observations about my simplistic remarks [Read more...]

Iran is really on the edge of implosion Let’s hear from more of these Reformers against the Radical Islamic nutballs. [Read more...]

And another reader weighs in on Keating One interesting fact about Frank Keating has yet to be aired in any media outlet I’ve seen: He is the governor of the state with the highest per capita number of prisoners on death row. He has gone on record as saying that the Pope is “just wrong” [Read More...]

A priest writes: The Catholic Bishops of England and Wales go far beyond what the US. bishops have done. Specifically, they had a Lord Nolan led committee examine the whole thing and propose recommendations, then they adopted it. They bring in religious orders as well as Bishops. They get it right down to the parish [Read More...]

And another reply from Rod Dreher Rod writes: I’m not sure where this reader is coming from. The Keating Commission only has the power to investigate and recommend, not to order the disestablishment of bad bishops. Where does the reader get the idea that American Catholics will face the choice of submission to Rome or [Read More...]

More Oddness from Bob Sungenis Bob, most recently arguing that the Earth does not rotate and is the center of the universe around which everything else rotates, that Einstein was wrong, and that the Pope doesn’t understand theology enough to say that some aspects of evolutionary theory are compatible with Catholic faith, has now decided [Read More...]

Best definition of Excommunication I know Excommunication is when somebody (like these ladies) says to the Church “I’m not in communion with you anymore” and the Church says “You’re not in communion with us anymore.” [Read more...]

A reader responds to Dreher and Me The problem with how Dreher and NCR see this is that they are not looking at it in the historical context of the Church. We can’t expect the Pope who is the Bishop of Bishops to take an immediate actions to investigate, adjudicate, and reform — but there’s [Read More...]

I wonder if the Psychics of America will be meeting in Dallas about this [Read more...]

Rod Dreher replies: The comments function is on the fritz again, so Rod writes to say: I think a lot of people are overreacting to what Keating actually said. Where does it say he has, or thinks he has, the actual power to get bishops to resign? All he has is the bully pulpit, and [Read More...]