Okay! I’m outta here! And I may or may not be back on Sunday. Maybe I’ll just rest. Toodles! [Read more...]


Remember: Darth = In! [Read more...]


The evil wrought by the Passion of the Christ continues to spread What’s the Passion=pogrom body count up to now? Ah yes! It’s climbed to a staggering zero. [Read more...]


Odd. “Trapped” al-Quaeda Neanderthal doesn’t seem keen on martyrdom at all, at all “We have thousands of young men, eager to die!” – Osama bin Laden My response: Excellent! We have thousands of young men eager to kill them. [Read more...]


When Academics Attack! John Carroll U strikes back! Many of my readers may be under the impression that Jesuit universities value diversity of opinion and free speech. Fortunately Rev. Edward Glynn, SJ and Sr. Mary Ann Flannery are here to correct that impression. You see, when they have the Guerrilla Girls on campus to perform [Read More...]


Fr. Rob Johansen Compares and Contrasts Archbishop Flynn’s Contemptuous Treatment of Scandalized Sheep with His “Can I Get Your Slippers?” Treatment of The Usual Suspects at St. Joan the Apostate I feel an article brewing inside me. I wonder if anybody will publish it. Don’t forget to check back with Fr. Rob tomorrow. He will [Read More...]


The Inimitable Sherry Weddell Once Again She’s replying to still more Gloom and Doom in the comment’s boxes on Amy’s blog. And she’s perfectly right, of course: I must be living in an alternate liturgical universe. In the past 7 years, I’ve flown 750,000 miles to 46 dioceses in 6 countries. I haven’t kept track [Read More...]


Greg Krehbiel Muses Aloud on the Oddities of the Way People Talk about the Holocaust Greg’s a sensible guy and, as is his custom, walks all the way around a question as he’s thinking about it. He’s also fearless and so will tend to say things which, considered with cold intellect, are reasonable questions, but [Read More...]


Actually, I kinda like it… But then, I do have visions of the next entry at the Curt Jester with a photoshopped gigantic bottle of Windex built as a permanent structure next to the chapel. Over to you, Jeff. [Read more...]


Abp. Harry Flynn to Respectful but Scandalized Flock: Drop Dead The letter from the flock: http://catholicparents.org/openletterarchbishop.html The contemptuous response of the Shepherd: http://catholicparents.org/Archresponse.html So much for the “responsive to lay concern” makeover at Dallas, at least in that Archdiocese. I think the Abp’s treatment of this woman is despicable. And I urge more letters to [Read More...]