A Jesuit writes me: Why do you encourage the kind of Jesuit bashing that regularly goes on in the comments section of your blog? When you title a post “Jesuits, of course” you make it sound as if this is all you can expect from the Society of Jesus, which is untrue. Then, naturally, the [Read More...]


Answer: yes The Stupid Party has always been run by Mammon First Conservatives who are reluctantly allied with Family First Conservatives. We’ve gotten bones thrown to us over the year to keep us on the reservation. But the real energy is directed far more to Mammon. And even that has largely been abandoned now that [Read More...]


The Dike Continues to Crumble So to speak. [Read more...]


A question for the Jung at heart A reader asks: Have any of your previous posts treated the impact of Carl Jung on the Catholic faith and / or spirituality? The reason I ask is that I am currently in formation for the permanent diaconate. Several of the texts that are assigned for a course [Read More...]


Minute Particulars on the Recent Controversies Here [Read more...]


Southern Appeal rubs its hands in glee at the Leftist meltdown over Pryor I *love* it when Leftists freak out and have hysterics. So fun to watch. [Read more...]


Way to go, Dubya! Gets Pryor in on a recess appointment. Evil Party stamps tiny feet in impotent rage. [Read more...]


I’m amazed I edit lots of stuff. Most of it goes out into the giant of maw of media consumption and disappears quietly. However, one of the things I helped to edit and co-write is A Guide to the Passion: 100 Questions about The Passion of The Christ. Now I am told by Matt Pinto [Read More...]


Exxxxxcellent! Kerry’s toast. [Read more...]


Don’t forget to… 1. check out my HMSU class, Power in the Blood: The Life Changing Power of the Eucharist. and 2. Fly away with me to France. Eet weel be, ‘ow you say? “Groovalicious”. [Read more...]