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More Disagreement Gasparian sez no one has a right to be a priest. I quite agree. No one has a right to mercy either. Still, I think it should be extended as much as possible without endangering people. In the case of the particular priest we are discussing at HMS Blog (Fr. DeVita), I don’t [Read More...]

Check out these guys! Working in Faith is a lay apostolate whose mission is to help people better live their Catholic faith in the workplace. They do this mainly through their website ( where they address specific workplace issues and how to apply our faith. They also have what they call Theology 101 every week [Read More...]

Battlin’ Catholics! It’s Greg “They Call Me ‘The Counselor’” Popcak and Wallopin’ Woodeene Koenig-Bricker vs. Mark “Fat Man” Shea starring in “Zero Tolerance: This Time It’s Personal”. [Read more...]

Heard in a comments box “Be afraid. Be very afraid.” when translated by ICEL: “Be in awe. Be very in awe.” [Read more...]

Unleash the Power of the Blog! …to build up the Body of Christ! Okay here’s the story: I need to hear from you folks who live in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. I got an email with a (not unheard of) lament and it’s you guys who hold the key to helping him. He writes: [Read More...]

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When Sullivan is Right, He’s Terrific By the way, one of the stupidest argument against the war is “Hey! It was only 3000 people!” Prescinding from the fact that it was 3000 *innocent* people, it is worth remembering that, had it been an hour later and the planes struck the buildings lower down, it could [Read More...]

Gotta agree with Fr. Rob Johansen here My principal problem with the Zero Tolerance policy is that it is not Catholic. There is no room for redemption, no ability to look at persons. It’s a machine erected to replace authentic Catholic pastoral judgment. Is DeVita’s punishment just? Sure. But I, for one, hope for more [Read More...]