Kairos on, uh, Mawwiage [Read more...]


Helping Others has come on line! Check out Helping Others at their new site! [Read more...]


A reader sez: Just now reading your blogs about VOtF, I wonder why in all the VOtF deception and lying (I got some of it first hand weeks ago in an email exhange with Paul Baier of VOtF), that no one is sitting that organization down in the liar’s seat. (Liar’s seat? Yes, in fact [Read More...]


Lovely piece on John Paul recognizing the obvious He really is John Paul the Great. [Read more...]


That’s my son Luke! He’s the tall blond guy with the “World Youth Day” T-Shirt on. I am delighted that news of the death of World Youth Day appears to have been exaggerated. Luke returns home tonight! [Read more...]


Quintessential Baby Boomer Narcissism No wonder the kids look right over the Boomer’s heads with longing to the generations before them. By the way, bulletin to the Boomers: it was not you guys who passed the Civil Rights Act. It was the WWII generation. Useful rule of thumb: Constructive Civil Rights work: think Martin Luther [Read More...]


More Truth Cancer Watched “Cromwell” last night. A very interesting portrayal of the process of Truth Cancer. Cromwell begins by opposing the tyrannical power of King Charles (who dissolved Parliament and ruled by “divine right”–until he needed money). When he recalls Parliament, Cromwell gives many sincere speeches about the rights of “the people” and winds [Read More...]


Dale the Lawyer provides interesting commentary on the Future Legal Difficulties of Cardinal Mahony [Read more...]


Relapsed Catholic on Intolerance, Hate Speech and Bigotry in Fort Homosexual [Read more...]


More ICEL Translation Entries from readers! Smile and the world smiles with you: Become celebration in a world that celebrates your becoming. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence: Creator of all that is good, help us learn to respect boundaries and gift you with gratefulness for our fair share. [Read More...]


Voice of the Fuddled Sinks Deeper Into Stockholm Syndrome Dom Bettinelli reports: Deborah Hafner was one of the honored guests at the recent “Voice of the Faithful” confab at the Hynes. You know about SIECUS. That’s the group that, back in Y2K, instigated “A Religious Declaration on Sexual Morality, Justice and Healing.” The “declaration” called [Read More...]


This weekend’s piece is up on Catholic Exchange Me, I’m going to see steamer trains with my guys! Till next we meet, toodleoo! Oh, and remember, wouldn’t this be an excellent weekend to learn more about the Eucharist, discover Sacred Tradition, explore the Bible, come to love and appreciate the Blessed Virgin, or educate yourself [Read More...]