By the way, I didn’t get a chance to say it, but I hope the Catholics of California tell the CA Supreme Court to go to hell This is tyranny, plain and simple. [Read more...]

You’re feeling lost, incomplete, befuddled, out of focus, bereft, weighed down, whingy, and essentially fogbound in your spiritual life. “If only I had a way I could take an on-line class on the Holy Eucharist and discover how having a Eucharistic worldview would change my understanding of creation, the family, work, play, God, myself, my [Read More...]

My heart soars like a hawk [Read more...]

If a thing is worth blogging, it is worth blogging badly.” Tom Bress [Read more...]

My Son Has a Request The local Christian radio station is owned by Evangelicals and pretty much all the “Contemporary Christian Music” is Protestant. Some of it’s good, but he’s wondering if there’s any Catholic stuff out there. I’m afraid I’m severely out of touch. Bob Halligan of Ceili Rain is Catholic. And I know [Read More...]

Another New Blog! [Read more...]

Could there ever possibly be anything in the created universe more exquisitely wonderful than homosexuality? NO! A thousand times NO! And to prove it, here’s the NY Times, boldly defying media convention and its lockstep hostility to all things gay to present us with a watertight logical argument for gay marriage, which just may be [Read More...]

Teen Girl Squad #5!!! [Read more...]

What? You don’t have a cyborg name yet? [Read more...]

Spineful Aussie Cardinal Alert [Read more...]