National Treasure Amy Welborn on the Banning of Flannery by Bishop O’Donnell [Read more...]

From the “What’s wrong with this picture?” department This priest gets to blather on without check. This priest is told to be silent for six months. Fr. Sibley does not say why, exactly, he was ordered to be “silent in the public forum for the next six months”. Such orders (I am informed by my [Read More...]

Well, yes… but… My question is still: Do we know the comparative rates of recidivism among those who remain in religious life vs. those who are kicked out? I realize this poses major legal dangers to religious communities if some member abuses and I recognize there has been abuse at abbeys and such. And I’m [Read More...]

Abe Zelmanowitz: Hero May his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. And yes, I think it extremely likely this man is in heaven. For some Christians, this is problematic since there is a common notion afoot that the only way to be saved is [Read More...]

A reader writes: I have two sons. My older son is 21, living at home, working and going to school. He has played games for several years. He began playing teen rated games when he was 16, or 17. Now he is into M games. We have had a number of discussions over the years [Read More...]

This is nifty Now you can study the Catechism of the Catholic Church online. Your one stop shopping source for all your Catholic doctrinal needs. Don’t be shy, it was written for you so you can know what the Church teaches. It doesn’t bite. [Read more...]

My question about the religious orders that are not automatically expelling members with abuse in their past Do we know the comparative rates of recidivism among those who remain in religious life vs. those who are kicked out? It seems to me it’s awfully hard to have a conversation about whether this is a good [Read More...]

I have a feeling this will make Catholic and Enjoying it sound hilarious to every German on the planet. [Read more...]

I hate it when this happens [Read more...]

The difference between the US and Our Friends the Saudis is that John Walker Lindh can become a Muslim and people will affirm his right to do so, whereas this guy and his brother would face certain death in the 9th century backward oligarchy that is Saudi Arabia, merely for obeying their conscience. [Read more...]

More on Signs Shyamalan may be Hindu, but his artistic imagination is still deeply Catholic. Hard to say how conscious that is. Not a frame of Signs was left to chance. Every image is carefully chosen. Yeah, Gibson’s character is Episcopalian and I don’t know how often an Episcopal priest is called “Father”, but for [Read More...]

Bob Sungenis was on CNN the other day arguing against some advocate of women’s ordination. Seems to have held his own, from what I heard. A puckish reader, moved by some of Bob’s less mainstream opinions, wrote this bit of hilarity The interview that might have been … Ms. Feminist: The Catholic Church’s views on [Read More...]