Secret Agent Man Writes the Definitive Takedown of Bill Cork’s Relentless Carping Everytime I read Cork’s blog these days, my mind is inexorably drawn back to the Emperor in Amadeus who sniff “too many notes”. Bill has sniffed so relentlessly for so long, he’s in danger of sucking his nose into his face. By the [Read More...]

Jimmy Akin has a blog EIEIO! [Read more...]

I don‘t have much to add to the news about the … …John Jay report that hasn’t been talked about pretty thoroughly. I was amazed when I read this good solid lie in the local paper: “The review board said neither celibacy nor gay priests caused the scandal, but both issues needed to be examined.” [Read More...]

Healthy Interreligious Conversation at the Grassroots Level [Read more...]

Since it’s not Lent today I thought I’d blog a bit! For starters, here’s David Morrison replying to a truly homophobic Catholic. Hint to all such Donatist as the lady David is responding to: learn the difference between virtuous resistance to concupiscence and sin. [Read more...]

A few final things and I’m outta here for Lent First off, many, many thanks to all the wonderful people who make this blog the jumpin’ joint it is. There’s a reason I find this so interesting. I love the fascinating conversation and the input y’all give which keeps me on my toes. My profound [Read More...]

Not to pick especially on Jesuits or anything but… Give the President of John Carroll U hell. The president of John Carroll, Father Glynn, reportedly received over 1,000 e-mails protesting his school’s production of the Vagina Monologues and its plan to give the proceeds to two pro-abortion groups. He apparently did not get the message. [Read More...]

An ancient Roman critic offers his opinion of sick weirdos who dwell on a crucified God Alexamenos failed to get the memo that Jesus was High on Life and came to affirm us in our okayness. A cultured critic, in his witty, transgressive little satire “Alexamenos worships his god” showed Alexamenos what a fundamentalist dolt [Read More...]

Ebert on the Passion …and he quotes my pal Steve Greydanus! [Read more...]

Don’t forget! It’s CAEI’s Extremely Truncated Pledge Week! I go off the air at midnight and return after Easter (and on some Sundays). So I won’t have my regular pledge drive. But our financial needs are ongoing here at Chez Shea what with dentists and college. So if you like the work I do here, [Read More...]