What the difference between Alberto Fujimori and Richard Amrhine? One’s a disgraced former president, the other is a distinguished columnist. [Read more...]


Now this is News! According to Greg “Scoop” Popcak, eight courageous members of our largely hapless bench of bishops sent a letter to all the bishops in the United States. The letter calls for the creation of a Plenary Council to address the issues of homosexuality and dissent which serves as the foundation for this [Read More...]


Multiplying Clintonoids and the Bishops Who Need Them First it was Robert Bennett, Clinton’s lawyer. Now it’s Leon Panetta, stalwart defender of partial birth abortion. These are the sort of people our shepherds have put on the “Stop Me Before I Let a Child be Raped Again” panel that’s supposed to make sure they are [Read More...]


As readers of this blog know… I think it fitting to use vile words to describe vile things and beautiful words to describe beautiful things. I think it vile to use beautiful words to describe vile things and vile words to describe beautiful things. I also think it vile to used anesthetized words to describe [Read More...]


In case you’d forgotten it, Rev. Sun Myung Moon is still a royal kook and so are his disciples I especially like the unsolicited testimonials from various denizens of the netherworld to supplement the unanimous chorus of endorsement for Moon from the founders of the Great Religions. Here’s a product endorsement from Karl Marx and [Read More...]


Greg Krehbiel Explains it all for you! The puckish Mr. Krehbiel sez: I’ve figured out the next Dispensationalist end of the world scenario. See this. When Palestinians take their accusations of war crimes to the U.N. tribunal, it will find Israel guilty and therefore set the entire world against Israel. Then believers will be raptured, [Read More...]


Sean Gallagher notes that Richard Land of the Southern Baptists is discussing the Death Penalty I have no argument with Land’s basic thesis. Romans 13 is crystal clear. Caesar has a right to his sword. However, as Sean points out, the question of when and under what circumstances Caesar should use it is a matter [Read More...]


98% Failure Rate That, according to Mary Beth Bonacci, is what a government study determined last year concerning the effectiveness of condoms in preventing STDs. Imagine any other product promoted as “safe” operating under a 98% failure rate. Safe! Only 98 out of 100 children slowly strangle to death on this toy! Experts applaud new [Read More...]


A non-Catholic reader complains of the loopy new Archbishop of Canterbury… He supports women ministers, so he should be shunned by all right-thinking Christians. I have no problem with women “ministers”, merely with women priests. A woman can minister (i.e. “serve”) as well as a man. She simply can’t confect the Eucharist or celebrate Holy [Read More...]


Speaking of Rod… As this blog notes, Andrew Sullivan is pretty good on the war and Bush. He was one of the first voices of moral clarity out of the gate after 9/11 and performed invaluable services to humanity by carefully documenting (and exploding) the stupidity and evil of the “We hate life, ourselves, and [Read More...]


From the Fortress Homosexual McMinistry of Truth Data: Out of 1200 cases of reported priestly abuse, 85% of the victims were male. Conclusion: “While some have blamed homosexuality…” followed by 12 paragraphs of blah blah studiously avoiding the connection of two very large dots. [Read more...]


I hate it when this happens [Read more...]