More arguments on HMS Blog about Zero Tolerance (and a terrific Screwtape Letter about the Lidless Eye Critics of World Youth Day) [Read more...]

The Twue Miwacwe of the Woaves and Fishes was Cawing and Shawing This year it was Rod Dreher’s turn to endure that perennial favorite homily of aging Woodstock priests explaining “Jesus didn’t really multiply loaves and fishes, he was just such a splendid voice of social justice that the people turned, gazed longingly into one [Read More...]

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Chesterton Once Observed… …that newspapers are the playthings of a few rich men. Now TV, radio and other media empires are likewise the playthings of a few rich men (and women). But thanks to the Internet, blogs are now the playthings of a growing number of poor men and women–like me! In that spirit of [Read More...]

Bishop Spong Continues to Make Good on his Threat to Keep Writing Books if Christianity Does not Capitulate to His Demands For example, “A New Christianity for a New World” is a religion book that made the secular bestseller lists, but not CBA’s. In it, Episcopalian Bishop John Shelby Spong denies the Trinity, the deity [Read More...]

No. Really! I appreciate your comments! My comments feature apparently went kaflooey this weekend (and again today) and I got at least one panicked reader’s apology for clogging up my comments box with… comments…and begging me to please restore the feature and forgive him for writing stuff in the box. Rest assured, gentle commenters: I [Read More...]

Happily, My Friend has Gotten Used to This but… still, it’s important to point out. It’s altogether commendable to be solicitous for those who have suffered sexual abuse. And it’s understandable to suppose that in those (probably rare. I don’t have statistics and have never suffer much sexual abuse myself*) folks who say they have [Read More...]

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Meet the New Boss. Same as the Old Boss, Part Deux Voice of the Faithful has shut down all discussion of Debra Haffner (the SIECUS/Planned Parenthood flak whom they invited to speak at one of their conferences). Pete Vere remarks: Notice that VOTF’s actions in shutting down this thread closely parallel those of many dioceses [Read More...]

A very courageous reader writes: I am 49 years old. at the age of 19 I was a Sophomore in college. I was a college seminarian, studying in a Philosophy program for a Religious Community, not the one to which I belong now. I was naive and vulnerable. I found philosophy difficult, but not insurmountable. [Read More...]

The Lidless Eye of Seattle Catholic turns its pitiless gaze on WYD and finds it wanting… and Relapsed Catholic, once again, makes me laugh till my sides hurt. [Read more...]

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