My Pal James Akin of Catholic Answers has a blog! Your one-stop shopping point for all your apologetics needs. And, if you come from a Reformed background (which I don’t) he’s Da Man for answering your questions since he’s been where you are and can scratch where you itch. [Read more...]

A Priest in Medicine Hat with Spine Frances Quisling lecturing the priest on upholding Church teaching is like Michael Dukakis in a tank. [Read more...]

From the “My Readers Are Just So Incredibly Classy” Department Mr. Koch – I’m sure you’re busy, so i’ll keep it simple: Protestant pastor, no Catholic family a’tall. Massively offended, more by the cop-out rationalizations than by the fact you backed into this meat-grinder by way of doing PR, which i do actually understand. Y’all [Read More...]

Anchor Hold on Vespers in Milwaukee [Read more...]

Tim Drake on Our Lady of Hollywood, Dreher and Signs Your one-stop shopping place for all your August 2002 American Catholic cultural needs. [Read more...]

A Sam Adams Joke Jim Koch sent the first bottles of Sam Adams off to be analyzed for FDA approval. The lab sent them back the bad news: “Your horse has diabetes.” [Read more...]

Got the Apology 2.0 GrovelSpam from Jim Koch at Boston Beer this AM Here’s my reply to him: Dear Mr. Koch: If there’s one thing that could serve to drive a customer away more emphatically than desecrating his or her faith, it’s desecrating his or her faith and then insulting their intelligence to boot. Catholic [Read More...]

Light Blogging Today I’ve hauled a vanload of Strapping Youths to my brother’s house for a swim fest in the lake. Would you be sitting at a computer when it’s 80 degrees and there’s a perfectly beautiful lake a few yards away? [Read more...]

Fr. Rob Johansen Wants to Know… what people think of having folks grip and grin at each other before Mass as a way of building community. I basically think people should save it for coffee hour. AmChurch does not need still more emphasis on “community building”. It needs a return to the transcendent (“Seek first [Read More...]

Hey! St. Blog’s Gets Results! [Read more...]

How Revelation Proceeds There’s a little discussion going on about the Immaculate Conception and several Catholics are voicing the “She had to be immaculate so that Jesus could dwell in her womb” theory. A Protestant is (understandably) saying “Then how does the Holy Spirit dwell in the rest of us unimmaculate types?” I’m not going [Read More...]

Sometimes, Jeff, the Answer to Your Prayer is “No.” [Read more...]