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Speaking of globe-trotting… Next Sunday, I will be writing you on Saturday–without breaking my blog fast. How do I accomplish this wonder? By crossing the international date line and writing you from Okinawa, where I will be speaking (along with EWTN’s very own Indiana Jones, Stephen K. Ray) to the good folk there. If your [Read More...]


Slight change in plans for the pilgrimage to France As some of you may know, Fr. Rob Johansen and I are going on a pilgrimage to France and you are welcome to join us! The Powers That Be inform us now that we had to change the Lisieux part of the trip a bit. The [Read More...]


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A Guide to the Passion Continues to Rocket into the Publishing Stratosphere! Last I heard, we’d had 310,000 copies requested with no letup in sight. Oodles of people are buying the copies I’ve go to sell (you can join the oodle here). And meanwhile A Guide to the Passion has received an imprimatur from Bishop [Read More...]


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Went to See The Passion of the Christ on Friday The quick assessment: Hands down the finest film ever made about Jesus Christ. Period. The longer assessment: Let’s get a few things out of the way immediately. First: Thanks, Mel, for having the great courage to make this film. It was a profoundly *manly* thing [Read More...]


Secret Agent Man Writes the Definitive Takedown of Bill Cork’s Relentless Carping Everytime I read Cork’s blog these days, my mind is inexorably drawn back to the Emperor in Amadeus who sniff “too many notes”. Bill has sniffed so relentlessly for so long, he’s in danger of sucking his nose into his face. By the [Read More...]


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I don‘t have much to add to the news about the … …John Jay report that hasn’t been talked about pretty thoroughly. I was amazed when I read this good solid lie in the local paper: “The review board said neither celibacy nor gay priests caused the scandal, but both issues needed to be examined.” [Read More...]