Spong’s Law of Theophysical Asininity [Read more...]


Strange (but welcome) Bedfellows [Read more...]


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Derbyshire and Goldberg are having an interesting argument I think Goldberg carries the day. [Read more...]


The Ever-Interesting Minute Particulars discusses Atheism … and why Mere Theism, though a huge step up from atheism, is not enough to satisfy the human soul. We need a God who is personal, not one that merely exists. That is why the Word became flesh: to satisfy our intense hunger as persons for him who [Read More...]


The Love that Dare Not Speak its Name is (so Often it Seems) the Abusive Bully that Won’t Shut Up [Read more...]


The Church of Mary in Evangelicalism Here’s a fascinating bunch of links from Family Life, an Evangelical pro-family ministry that has (as Evangelicals do with startling frequency) begun to re-discover Catholic teaching simply by trying to be disciples. In this case, its the biblical (not just “Catholic”) teaching on the unitive and procreative meaning of [Read More...]


Homilies that Irritate I loathe homilies that deal with difficulties by cheap dodges. Today a friend called to say the local (what else?) Jesuit priest had basically diced up the gospel reading at Mass into “words of Jesus” and “words injected by the evangelist into Jesus’ mouth” in order to explain away passages he happened [Read More...]


Homilies that Challenge I like a homily that challenges me to think in new ways. I don’t find such homilies irritating but refreshing. So when my priest tells me “Man and women are the road the Church must walk” (quoting JPII) I find this challenging, even though, when I first heard it, it reversed my [Read More...]


Carmelites are Cool! Check this out, ladies. Sr. Mary Judith writes: If you know of any young ladies in your offices or Churches that would be interested in our Retreat Weekend or are searching for a women’s congregation to enter that is totally loyal to our Holy Father, I would appreciate it if you would [Read More...]


From the “Teach a Person to Fish” Department In the interest of educating others and (pursuing a more rigorous regimen as a Couch Potato freed from the burdens of researching questions for others), let me commend to you a new on-line study of the Catechism of the Catholic Church . You can read all about [Read More...]


Bravo to Rod Dreher One does get the impression from certain people that in order to be a “real” conservative (that is, somebody who doesn’t worship the future or exalt the State above the human person, and who thinks the patrimony of human culture and the revelation of God are things of value) or a [Read More...]