A reader notes Re: the Cardinal Mahony vs. Bishop Curry All-Star Mud Wrestling Extravaganza: Regarding Bishop Curry. Bear in mind that the “Bishop of Santa Barbara” designation does not refer to a separate diocese. Thomas Curry is an auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. “Santa Barbara” is one of the “regions” of the [Read More...]


Here’s something hopeful in a bleak sort of way Rod Dreher writes me to point out that Amy links to a piece in the LA Times (registration required, sorry!) in which Cdl. Mahony works on his Sergeant Schultz impression too. Wherever responsibility was, he wasn’t. It’s all the fault of some underling. Problem is, the [Read More...]


Victor Lams is a comic genius I’m beginning to suspect he and Greg Popcak are the same guy. [Read more...]


Whew! Well that’s a relief! Remember last week when I was talking about how dangerous Phillip Pullman’s books are. Well, you can forget your worries. You see, according to a review of Morris Berman’s The Twilight of American Culture: “Berman relates that 60% of [American] adults have never read a book; only 6% read one [Read More...]


One more bit on Reparations It is a funny thing that those who think there might be something in an argument for reparations are often the same sort of people who think there is nothing in the Catholic doctrine of original sin. That doctrine does not teach that since your grandfather was a slave owner [Read More...]


Stuff like this cracks me up “I’m the biggest kook!” “No! I’m the biggest kook!” This march should be as resounding a success as the Reparations March. [Read more...]


American Bishops Continue to Win Friends and Influence People Mind you, Dale is an ardent and intelligent Catholic and loves the Faith. Imagine how favorably they impress the enemies of the Church. One consolation: Do you know anybody–anybody in the world–who ever came to the Catholic faith saying, “I just had to be Catholic because [Read More...]


Shakedown Convention in DC One hundred and fifty years ago, my ancestors were a) in Canada, b) in Scotland, c) poor Irish farmers and immigrant horse thieves and d) far away from the awesome economic benefits slavery was allegedly conferring on “us”. I’m not related to anybody who ever owned a slave. I am related [Read More...]


Memo to this clueless woman The sacrament of Holy Orders is not a civil right. [Read more...]


Donald Sensing Muses about Hell In the words of Lewis, “The Gates of hell are barred from the inside.” Sensing also argues there is salvation outside the Church. I think he’s wrong, since “the Church” is ultimately the company of the saved and therefore it is a tautology to say there is no salvation outside [Read More...]


Greg Krehbiel offers a bleat of complaint about the recent bit of ecclesial bafflegab (with a tip of the hat to John Knox) In the Lord of the Rings, there is a moment when Bilbo deliberately antagonizes a crowd of well-wishers by telling them “I don’t know half of you half as well as I [Read More...]


Fr. Rob Johansen asks: “The Vatican “re-do” instructions to the American bishops expressed concern that the bishops have not addressed the ‘root causes of sexual abuse.’ Do you think that’s a veiled reference to the problems of homosexuals in the priesthood?” Yep. Though there is also heterosexual abuse too. And they are, of course, right [Read More...]