More ICEL Translation Entries from readers! Smile and the world smiles with you: Become celebration in a world that celebrates your becoming. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence: Creator of all that is good, help us learn to respect boundaries and gift you with gratefulness for our fair share. [Read More...]

Voice of the Fuddled Sinks Deeper Into Stockholm Syndrome Dom Bettinelli reports: Deborah Hafner was one of the honored guests at the recent “Voice of the Faithful” confab at the Hynes. You know about SIECUS. That’s the group that, back in Y2K, instigated “A Religious Declaration on Sexual Morality, Justice and Healing.” The “declaration” called [Read More...]

This weekend’s piece is up on Catholic Exchange Me, I’m going to see steamer trains with my guys! Till next we meet, toodleoo! Oh, and remember, wouldn’t this be an excellent weekend to learn more about the Eucharist, discover Sacred Tradition, explore the Bible, come to love and appreciate the Blessed Virgin, or educate yourself [Read More...]

Bravo Bishop Robert Vasa, Diocese of Baker, Oregon! “Perhaps our laxity in not more strongly proclaiming and enforcing the teachings of the church about the necessity of chastity before marriage, the sinfulness of contraception within marriage, the evil of adultery, the evil of homosexual acts, the horror of abortion and the necessity of Sunday Mass [Read More...]

Now for Something Completely Different: Black Sabbath tunes in Latin [Read more...]

Nope, Calvinism is not somehow uniquely subject to corruption And I certainly didn’t mean to suggest it is. Indeed, each religious tradition has its peculiar forms of sanctity and corruption. A Calvinist saint (and there are some such as Francis Schaeffer) doesn’t look like a Catholic, Orthodox, or Baptist saint. Indeed, none of them look [Read More...]

I’m having way too much fun on HMS Blog Inspired by a reader on this blog, I’ve proposed a new contest over there. Sadly, HMS Blog has no comments box. But by all means, please offer your translations in the comment box here! [Read more...]

More of that fine-tuned sense of Arab morality Once a man commits the venial sin of mass murder, it’s only a matter of time before he does something serious like embezzle. [Read more...]

Exhibit #4098343598 in the “Why Amy Welborn is a National Treasure” Display Authentic reconciliation is only achieved by fidelity to honesty, not by hitting the snooze button. [Read more...]

An offended Calvinist writes about my cracking wise concerning the “fumes of Calvinism”: Huh? Would you elaborate? Taken at face value it is an utterly fatuous statment. Concepts highly prized by Puritans still exist in debased form in American mass culture. We’re still a city on a hill, though we now use the hill to [Read More...]

The answer is “No.” Zero Tolerance policies are stupid and simply another way of avoiding the task of being a bishop. Rome, I predict, will reject the Policy for this reason. At this point, American bishops will have a choice: 1) deal with the fact that their task is to govern their Churches and begin [Read More...]

More Weird Choices for the Bishop’s Oversight Board You’ve never heard of most of these people have you? Neither have I. Greg Popcak talks about why yet another of these guys is a remarkably dubious candidate for dealing with sexual abuse. He also links to Domenico Bettinelli’s piece on board member Pamela Hayes, who’s given [Read More...]