Speaking of which… Gay Brownshirts on the March! [Read more...]


Chris Johnson (apparently) get a visit from the subject of the handwringing sympathy ad for pedophilia masquerading as journalism that I blogged the other day I wonder if any of my gay readers are going to wander over there and insist that he stop borrowing from the Gay Agitprop Handbook to justify his sinful behavior? [Read More...]


I don’t agree with the good bishop on everything, but man, do I like him! Burke for Archbish… Oh. I guess they’ve already taken care of that. I begin to hope for an American Pope after all. (Relax. It’ll never happen.) [Read more...]


Har dee har har Won’t give the guy’s website. Don’t want to reward his brutality. [Read more...]


This looks fishy Sorry. Couldn’t resist. [Read more...]


Mammon and Moloch, Inc. Eating children and making a fat profit off of it for over 5000 years. Business fell on hard times during the apex of the damned Catholic Church. But now the old firm is tanned, rested, and ready for all the new opportunities that a technology divorced from Christian influence affords. Oh, [Read More...]


Steve Greydanus on the Passion Here and here. Ebert and Roeper love it too. But they aren’t Highly Trained Professional Chancery People, so disregard such critics–unless they hate the film. Then they are the last word in professional film criticism. [Read more...]


A Guide to Passion in the News! When a major media source like the Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum (serving Bucyrus and Crawford County Ohio) sits up and takes notice, you *know* you’ve arrived. Word is we’ve signed Arnold Ziffle as a major celebrity promoter. [Read more...]


This can’t be for real [Read more...]


The High on Life Jesus Meme Continues to Gather Steam I just love how the impartial media levels the playing field so that a few academics with the Latest Dimwitted Fad are on an absolutely equal footing with All Christians at All Times. There is, you see, the “camp” that says the death and resurrection [Read More...]