And on a happy note Rome has told the little liturgical fidgets at the International Commission on English in the Liturgy that their cute improvements on the Mass will not be needed anymore Word is that Vox Clara will be doing the translation. [Read more...]

My apologies I’ve been thinking about what I’ve written the last couple of days and I’m not happy with all of it. I think I’ve been very quick to be cynical about our bishops and to stoke the fires of despair. Therefore, I want to apologize if I’ve prompted any reader toward more cynicism too. [Read More...]

One Last Thing on Lefty Puritanism One common critique of Christianity (and Judaism) is the curious biblical idea of corporate personality. Jewish prophets frequently tend to conflate a people with their patriarch so that “Israel” refers both to the man Jacob and to his progeny or “Edom” to Esau or his heirs. The actions of [Read More...]

Speaking of post-modern Puritanism Years ago my pal Dave listened to a long piece NPR did on “How to have a Green Vacation”. Listeners were urged for half an hour to only have environmentally friendly vacations. But the best part came at the end, when the host furrowed his brow and asked the Big Moral [Read More...]

Sandra Miesel (rhymes with “diesel”) comments on the Jesuits sadistically martyred at the hands of the Iroquois: I’m not making this up: several years ago our state museum had a show on Jesuit Fr. deSmet and the Rocky Mountain Indians, called SACRED ENCOUNTERS. The catalog had a picture of the Iroquois torturing Jesuits with the [Read More...]

Krauthammer has a nice piece today on the provincial cluelessness of the Left [Read more...]

Okay, so Amrhine’s a “Fredneck” A reader sez: I’m not sure writing for the Free-Lance Star qualifies as being a “distinguished columnist.” Have you ever *been* to Fredericksburg? I lived there for a year, and it’s one big strip mall surrounded by memorials to people who were traitors to the United States. The carpetbaggers from [Read More...]

1492: The Conquest of Paradise and All That Those who are enthusiasts for the myth that the world is neatly divisible into Evil Christian European Environmental Rapists vs. Happy Matriarchal Earth-Affirming Pagans in Touch with their Sexuality and the Rhythms of Mother Gaia should contemplate this little vignette from the martyrdom of St. John Brebeuf: [Read More...]

Fr. Rob Johansen’s Take on our Hapless Bench of Bishops or “the Democratic Party at Prayer” as Sandra Miesel tartly describes them. “Here is a call for the endurance and faith of the saints.” Revelation 13:10 None of this–I repeat, none of this–is a reason to give up on the Church (as some of my [Read More...]

Go. Read. This. Fr. Michael Sweeney of the St. Catherine of the Siena Institute gives an incredibly insightful take on the Situation titled “Putting our Past In Front: Redeeming the Scandal”. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 to view the document. You can download Adobe for free here. If you read nothing else today. [Read More...]

What the difference between Alberto Fujimori and Richard Amrhine? One’s a disgraced former president, the other is a distinguished columnist. [Read more...]

Now this is News! According to Greg “Scoop” Popcak, eight courageous members of our largely hapless bench of bishops sent a letter to all the bishops in the United States. The letter calls for the creation of a Plenary Council to address the issues of homosexuality and dissent which serves as the foundation for this [Read More...]