Interesting observations Got this from a reader (thanks to you guys for writing half my blog. Makes my life easier!): Lately I have been reflecting about the parallels between Islamism and Socialism. Perhaps the best way of approaching this subject is by way of illustration. First, let me quote a section from an article by [Read More...]

Alert the Media! Shea and the Reformed Guys at Credenda/Agenda See Eye to Eye on Something [Read more...]

From the “Not Swift on the Uptake” Department Thanks to Whoever Paid the Man to get rid of the ad on my blog–whenever you did it. Somebody pointed it out to me today. I’m not what you’d call “vividly aware of sensory details”. But anyway, thanks! [Read more...]

Irresponsible Bishops to Caesar “Please take over management of the Church. We just can’t be bothered. What? No! We didn’t think you’d start trying to arrogate powers to yourself that aren’t yours! Oh dear! Do we have to actually govern the Church? But we don’t know how! We can’t be bothered! Oh, what do we [Read More...]

Doug asks a reasonable question I’m aware of no doctrine concerning the wisdom of the hierarchy. The only thing approaching it is the extremely left-handed compliment of infallibility (which encompasses the laity too insofar as it addresses the sensus fidelium). And all Infallibility means is that the Holy Spirit will not let the Church define [Read More...]

Milwaukee, of course. [Read more...]

More Zero Tolerance Stupidity By defining so narrowly what constitutes “abuse”, a jerk like Fr. Cliff Garner, who treats his flock with contempt and shouldn’t be a priest, gets the kid glove treatment while his betrayed and rightly outraged flock gets scoldings from some monsignor for daring to vent the fact that they feel betrayed [Read More...]

The Council is failure and a mistake! We have to repeal it! The Council of Nicaea, I mean. Look, it’s the year 362. The Council was in 325. It’s been over 35 years since modernists rammed through their Trinitarian agenda which relied on terms like “homoousious” that were actually condemned by earlier synods in order [Read More...]

It turns out Science has none of religion’s vices, according to Remarkably Simple-Minded Atheist Richard Dawkins None. No. Really. [Read more...]

Psst: the editor position for is currently vacant. If you know anybody who wants another unpaid editing/writing outlet, pass it on. Of course, you could always just start a blog too. [Read more...]

What’s going on in Israel? [Read more...]

Richard Chonak indulges in shameless self-promotion He writes: An article in this week’s “Our Sunday Visitor” tells about a group of Catholic artists in the Washington area and mentions their web site Some of the members’ art works are very impressive, and the web site design is — well, it’s at least as good [Read More...]