More “tempt and accuse” agitations from the devil, starring The Laity! Last month, everybody was screaming for a “Zero Tolerance” policy. The bishops complied (stupidly, I think). This month, everybody is screaming because the Zero Tolerance policy they demanded is being enforced. Life would be so simple if we Laity were really as full of [Read More...]

Actually, I’ve been saying this since December: Osama is dead But it’s nice to see somebody in Arab News acknowledging this–and calling Muslims away from the pathologies of Radical Islam. [Read more...]

Jefferson is Overrated. The Smart Money is on Madison [Read more...]

Thanks to Garver for your intelligent conversation with David. As I say, I’m not from a Reformed background and one of my principal impressions of Reformed theology is that it seems to have inherited the Catholic knack for coining jargon that baffles ordinary linguistics. So, for instance, when David says that “Limited atonement is actually [Read More...]

So an Egyptian guy… with ID claiming July 4 as his birthday show up, armed to the teeth, approaches an El Al counter at LAX and blows people away. And, of course, the FBI says “Probably has nothing to do with terrorism.” I’m thinkin’, “Yeah. Right.” Now we find out somebody did the same thing [Read More...]

Whoever you are, whatever you did, you did not have as much fun as me yesterday I’m at my brother’s house in Olympia. By day, he’s a mild-mannered computer geek working for the Insurance Commissioner. But when cry goes out for truth, justice and big band music, he is transformed into Saxophone Man and plays [Read More...]

Einsatzgruppenphilosopher Peter Singer Loves his German Shepherd [Read more...]

A New Contest The inimitable Kathy Shaidle notes: “Ever notice how video tapes are forever “surfacing”, like legendary sea monsters?” It put me in mind of other bits of media shorthand from people with spellcheckers who laugh because Dan Quayle can’t spell “potato” but who are too unimaginative to stop borrowing the same terminology from [Read More...]

Mark Byron thinks I threw a gauntlet I thought it was something more like a kiss, myself. My basic point is that it is not the case the “Catholics believe in Sacred Tradition and Protestants don’t.” Rather it is the case that Catholics believe in Sacred Tradition and know they do, while most Protestants believe [Read More...]

A bit more for David, on “anathema” One of the basic bits of misunderstanding that some people have is what the point of an anathema is and who is subject to it. Trent, like other councils, anathematized various things and basically said, “If you think this, you are not in the Church”. Paul did something [Read More...]

Arsebishop has a powerful point, but not about the people I was discussing He writes concerning my observations about Protestants who talk a good game about “faith alone” but then live in ways explicable only by Catholic theology: Mark Shea has it backwards I am afraid. No sound thinker takes salvation by faith alone literally. [Read More...]

“Everybody loved Father Brian” or “Why VOTF is Overlooking Some Important Problems with the Laity” [Read more...]