Somebody out there is doing a Good Thing A reader writes: I am a Catholic who experiences same sex attraction and endeavors to live chastely in accordance with Catholic teachings. I have prepared a website at ““, the “Same Sex Attraction Morality League”, that is designed to be helpful for those with this condition. Please [Read More...]

Fr. Thomas Doyle reacts Fr. Doyle, in case you didn’t know, is the guy who warned the bishops in the mid-80s that they had better get serious and was almost completely ignored. Reaction to the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People Thomas Doyle,O.P., J.C.D. 1. This is the strongest, most unequivocal statement [Read More...]

Pete Vere on why the Dallas Dog and Pony Show is turning out to be a bunch of crap Dulles is pointing to the serious flaws and why Rome will reject it, and rightly so. [Read more...]

Looks like bishops won’t address the heart of the problem A reader writes: They just voted “no” on Bruskewitz’s amendment to make sure that the committee set up to study why abuse happens takes into account dissent and homosexuality. They won’t even study the issue!!! As I feared. They prefer a bandaid. My suspicion is [Read More...]

The Vatican’s Secret Plan Revealed A reader sez: I’ve just been to the grocery and the latest WEEKLY WORLD NEWS blares: ROBOT PRIESTS! Pope’s Plan to End Sex Scandal: Mechanical Holy Men. with sketch of non-humanoid robot marked with crosses. (I don’t guarantee I’ve given the exact wording) As far as I know, this is [Read More...]

Eupocrisy It’s not often one gets to coin a word. But I got to a few years ago when trying to describe the behavior of people who are better than their rhetoric (such as, f’rinstance, atheists who loudly proclaim that there is no God and the universe is just an idiot machine without meaning, but [Read More...]

Minute Particulars directs our attention past the stream of media chatter to Basic Questions …and, in the process, reveal the tragic contradictions at the heart of atheism, particularly as it grapples, as USS Clueless does, with finding some way of extracting meaning out of existence if there is no God. Suggested reading for atheists suffering [Read More...]

Dreher nails it again [Read more...]

John Schultz want to know… “Can someone tell me where in the Vatican II docs it says there should be lay involvement in the minute details of Church governance?” Actually, there is room in the Tradition for lay involvement in governance, and the bishops are, by this Scandal, making clear why that might be good. [Read More...]

But still, that’s just the “presenting symptom” The root of this cancer is a) a culture of contempt for orthodoxy and chastity in a significant subculture in the priesthood and b) the bishops who permit and even participate in that. Who guards the guardians? If you expect us to trust you, gentlemen, while you leave [Read More...]

On the bright side They’ve at least shown the bare minimum of common sense to adopt a One Strike Policy. Now I hope they will show the bare minimum of common sense in clearly defining what “abuse” means so that 18 year old Anakin Skywalkers in formation in 1970 will not be crucified 30 years [Read More...]

More on Sins against the truth in Broad Daylight A reader writes: This has already been covered in some of the newspaper articles, but an article in today’s Washington Post reminded me and I thought you might be interested in seeing the link. It’s about a report (thorough and knowledgeable) that was sent to the [Read More...]