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Culture War A little salvo–a cloud no bigger than a man’s hand–in the coming attack on the Seal of the Confessional. [Read more...]

Greg Popcak is great. [Read more...]

Update on Brian Halderman Seems our Man of Integrity suddenly got rid of the drag nuns and faux priests photos today. Trust me. They were there. Poor persecuted man. What is interesting about his action is that this sort of cowardice and deception is not called “cowardice and deception” by the gay community. It’s called [Read More...]

Memo to Amy re: Seattle I don’t know the facts about Abp. Brunett. But I do know a little about Seattle, the people who wrote you attacking Brunett. They appear to be an embittered nucleus of reactionary malcontents who made the mistake of passing along to me a completely false rumor about a [Read More...]

By the way, it’s not just American bishops that Don’t Get It Many in the gay community don’t get it either. Take, for example, this stunningly clueless guy name Brian Halderman. He seems to think there’s something weird about lots and lots of people connecting the dots between his complete contempt for chastity and orthodoxy [Read More...]

What are they afraid of? [Read more...]

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Mailbag My readership has increased exponentially in the past couple weeks, so much that I’ve already discussed needs discussing again for you new folks. For example, one reader writes to ask the question that has perplexed so many of us: How can the Roman Catholic Church keep Cardinal Law in place in light of the [Read More...]

Diary of a City Priest looks like it might be interesting. Haven’t seen it, so caveat emptor. [Read more...]

I Made a New Friend This Weekend The very sensible, intelligent, learned, and charitable J. Fraser Field who captains the Catholic Educator’s Resource Center in our neighbor to the North: Canada. I’m making CERC a permanent link cuz their stuff is so good. [Read more...]

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