Veni Sancte Spiritus trots out the reliable charge of “hate” Unfortunately, it’s not as useful as it used to be for completely shutting down discussion and returning equilibrium to a completely pro-homosexual hegemony. At any rate, I don’t feel much intimidated by it. I merely reply that my reason for thinking it unwise to ordain [Read More...]

See that little bluish PayPal collection plate button there on the left side of the screen down at the bottom? It works, and it even takes several major credit cards! Donations to this site’s sole writer/editor/oilchanger/janitor/freelance whatchamacallit are really appreciated since this is a labor of love, not lucre, but lucre is still what puts [Read More...]

The mystery of non-resigning bishops The pattern appears to be consistent. More bishops resign when it is shown that they directly violated the law or their oath of celibacy (yesterday, the Kentucky guy, today McCarthy). What mystifies me is why these guys stay until the last dog dies and they are exposed and humiliated in [Read More...]

Another bishop goes Auxiliary Bishop James F. McCarthy of the NY Archdiocese resigned today after admitting to multiple affairs with women. It’s official. He was Cardinal O’Connor’s private secretary, and currently served as vicar for parts of Westchester and Putnam counties. [Read more...]

What Zero Tolerance should mean, and what it actually means Zero Tolerance should mean no tolerance of real abuse. One strike, yer out. All that. However, in real life “zero tolerance” has tended to metastasize into no tolerance of imaginary abuse, including “point a chicken McNugget at a school mate in a threatening manner” and [Read More...]

Time Celebrates Parishioners Suffering from Stockholm Syndrome Here’s a piece on Voice of the Faithful et al, trying mightily to deal with the Situation using only the mental tools furnished them by two decades of teaching by the Paul Shanleys of the world. Not surprisingly, they don’t have a clue and think the solution is [Read More...]

That said… It is stunningly out of touch for the non-American bishops who have faulted the American media to compare them to Stalin, Hitler, etc for exposing the egregious sins of their brother ecclesiats. Here’s a sample of what I mean: Jurors shown tape of naked altar boy This happened under the negligent watch of [Read More...]

What we have here is a failure to excommunicate Admit it. Haven’t you been longing to use that line? Anyway, been thinking about the bizarre phenomenon of clueless non-American bishops talking about the Situation as a plot by the American media to bash the Church, etc. Those of us with some familiarity with the Situation [Read More...]

Why Zero Tolerance is Stupid. In a zero tolerance universe, this monsignor would be toast. Zero tolerance is just another way for bishops to be irresponsible. Haven’t we had enough of that? [Read more...]

I can’t add much to this Exhibit 2349342 in the case for having Amy Welborn declared a National Treasure. How succinct: “Stop it. Give us good policies, but moreover, give us the assurance that you will just stop it.” How we sheep long to see bishops who will not just demand we trust them but [Read More...]

Here’s a humbling quote “I check what they are saying before I check the Washington Post,” admitted Rod Dreher, a senior writer with National Review Online. “I trust their insights more than I trust the insights found in most secular newspapers.” From Tim Drake’s article on us Catholic bloggers in the most recent issue of [Read More...]

Apparently, I’m still unclear I agree that, in future, those who experience homosexual temptation should not be ordained. My question pertains to those who already are ordained and who have lived good ministries without succumbing to temptation. Why kick them out? I can’t see a good reason for it. Can anybody give me one? I [Read More...]