Vindication for David Alexander Don’t forget to check out his posts to the VOTF Message board. We need a lot more people like him in VOTF. We don’t need Fortress Catholic Pharisees saying “He eats with tax collectors and sinners. He is ritually impure.” [Read more...]

Gay Apologists Sound More Like Honduran Bishops all the Time [Read more...]

More Culture of Suspicion A reader laments over my defense of the stupid but not criminal Fr. Jaeger: I don’t understand why Mark Shea is so hot about this priest when I do not think he knows all the facts about this priest. I used to think Cardinal Law was cleaning up Boston when I [Read More...]

Just when you think you’ve seen everything… there’s this. [Read more...]

“Deception under the face of virtue” or Romanitas vs. The Culture of Fear and Suspicion Down below, I linked to a thoroughly innocuous post by David Alexander. In response, a reader sets off a klaxon: David Alexander is a moderator in for the D.C. Area Voice of the Faithful. Voice of the Faithful is a [Read More...]

Why Palestinian culture is so frickin’ sick Okay, so today Drudge runs this piece: the “baby suicide bomber” photo. Now, I don’t know if the photo is legit or not. You can do wonders with Photoshop so there’s always the chance the photo was cooked up by Israeli propagandists. But get this: “Ordinary Palestinians said [Read More...]

Amazing. Simply Amazing A reader sez: The Oregonian reports today that Father Schwab’s resignation was accepted by AB Vlazny. Father Schwab is quoted as saying that he “messed up” but is looking forward to going to a new parish. Another parishioner is quoted as saying that he wants Father Schwab to stay because FS was [Read More...]

New Blog! [Read more...]

People Actually Go to These Things! One of our liturgical musicians at Blessed S. (a very fine one) went to one of these things–once. She was astounded to hear brow-furrowed Deep Thinkers asking, “What…. [thoughtful pause to indicate 'I'm a Deep Thinker'] is the theme of Advent? What are we trying to say?” “Theme of [Read More...]

The NY Times tries to reassure braying and nervous latte drinkers on the Upper West Side “This is not a victory for the religious right.” Right. Sounds like Gorbachev assuring everybody that Communism was as strong as ever in 1989. Memo to the Upper West Side: This was a victory for the Religious Right. It [Read More...]

American Judicial System Diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder After a week in which the American Judicial System simultaneously struck down the Pledge of Allegiance for containing the word “God” and then upheld school vouchers allowing parents to use public monies for religious education, authorities from the Institute for Mental Health diagnosed the American Judicial System [Read More...]

Boy, this could sure get hairy [Read more...]