The NY Times tries to reassure braying and nervous latte drinkers on the Upper West Side “This is not a victory for the religious right.” Right. Sounds like Gorbachev assuring everybody that Communism was as strong as ever in 1989. Memo to the Upper West Side: This was a victory for the Religious Right. It [Read More...]

American Judicial System Diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder After a week in which the American Judicial System simultaneously struck down the Pledge of Allegiance for containing the word “God” and then upheld school vouchers allowing parents to use public monies for religious education, authorities from the Institute for Mental Health diagnosed the American Judicial System [Read More...]

Boy, this could sure get hairy [Read more...]

“Pllllllpppppppthththth!” I explained Pete Vere continues to use a lot of words to be wrong about the merits of the Water Buffalo song vs. The Song of the Cebu. As to jurisdiction, we don’t go in for four-syllable words here, which is why I am right (and let’s not have a lot of logic-chopping about [Read More...]

Veggie arguments rage throughout the blogosphere! Tim Drake provides the Full Meal Deal roundup. [Read more...]

David Alexander recognizes the Things That Really Matter [Read more...]

Rod Dreher on the simplicity of Thinking All The Media Are Out to Get the Church Isn’t blogging great? People can have arguments about stuff they never get to argue about anywhere else! Rod Dreher writes: I can think of several cases right now, sitting here at my computer, of newspapers and other media outlets [Read More...]

New Catholic CD! [Read more...]

Oh, for dumb! Apologies to Tom Hoopes. I completely misread the line I quoted from his piece. Therefore I deleted my blog on his article that was below. Here is a letter from Tom: Yipes! “I swear … if I didn’t know that this crisis wasn’t the product of media manipulation, I’d be tempted to [Read More...]

More abuse that has nothing whatever to do with homosexuality This time from lesbian nuns. But the homosexual subculture is the paragon of health. No. Really. [Read more...]

On the other hand… I gotta hand it to the National Catholic Register for this, yet another bit of evidence that all is not well with the book Goodbye, Good Men. Yes, I know it would be wonderful thing to just accept without question all the damning charges in the book and fling it over [Read More...]

Thanks 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals! This is just the sort of stupid exasperating judgment that could get people galvanized enough to support Bush judicial nominees and unclog the blockages that guys like Daschle have tried to create while we were all paying attention to other stuff. I sincerely hope our Robed Masters find [Read More...]