From the Fortress Homosexual McMinistry of Truth Data: Out of 1200 cases of reported priestly abuse, 85% of the victims were male. Conclusion: “While some have blamed homosexuality…” followed by 12 paragraphs of blah blah studiously avoiding the connection of two very large dots. [Read more...]

I hate it when this happens [Read more...]

Bp. McCormack of Manchester NH in the news again… A priest says McCormack is trying to destroy him for knowing to much about a pervert priest. McCormack’s henchmen say, in true Clintonian form, that the priest is “mentally unstable”. The priest “consented to a psychological evaluation in April. Though he was found to be mentally [Read More...]

Hallelujah! The piece that made me fall in love with Rod Dreher’s writing is back on the web: Do Fake Boobs Go to Heaven? His review of the first Left Behind movie. I’m eager for further Left Behind movies so Rod can write further reviews. [Read more...]

A reader thinks JPII’s “reversal” of Catholic teaching on the Death Penalty is a strong case against papal infallibility The Pope’s “reversal” isn’t even a reversal, much less a danger to papal infallibility. There is a wide range of prudential judgment options for applying capital punishment. That range lies between “Always” and “never”. JPII tends [Read More...]

The Charming Naivete of the Atheist My blog’s Village Atheist remarks on his teenage confusion between the words “scatological” and “eschatological”. He announces to a world breathless for his insights that discovering what they meant “was also one of the first moments where I learned that things aren’t as simple and complete as CCD or [Read More...]

The Revolution is coming a Cropper Posted today on the VOTF message board: “The Message Board will be on View Only — beginning at 4:30 P.M. EDT, July 23rd until further notice. “ Free speech for me but not for thee. [Read more...]

I’ve hit on the perfect defense for bad bishops! “I am personally opposed to child abuse, but I do feel that priests have a right to choose.” Works for Democrats and Squish Republicans when the abuse consists of dismembering children, so why not for our shepherds? I’m a genius. Cardinal Mahony, you can fire your [Read More...]

What a frickin’ jerk this columnist is Been a while since I’ve seen such a collection of cheap shots against the Faith and such exploitation of a tragedy to advance the Know Nothing cause. Gee, I’ve got four children. Is that too many for him? I wonder which one he thinks I should drown? [Read more...]

A reader writes about the Death Penalty (and I make comments throughout) Just read your comments about Antonin Scalia and the death penalty. As a Catholic who favors the death penalty, I believe you have forgotten several important points: 1. In Genesis 9:6, God expressly commands the imposition of the death penalty for murder on [Read More...]

A reader observes that the Archbishop of Canterbury provides better and more challenging pastoral guidance for the denizens of Hollywood than their own bishop, Raj “How’s my hair?” Cardinal Mahony. [Read more...]

More Voice of the Fascists hijinx David Alexander sends along the following: The following information was posted to the VOTF message board: + + + But for now, VOTF does offer victims of clergy abuse some hope of being listened to by the lay Catholics and others in our society. Among the “rays of hope” [Read More...]