The Lidless Eye of the Reactionary is On the Victims of Sexual Abuse Yesterday, I defied Andrew Sullivan to name a “Church conservative” pundit who is trying to blame victims of abuse. A reader helpfully sent the following: I am circulating the following story as an example of Really Bad Thinking about the Scandal among [Read More...]

A reader frets: On Weakland: is it really over? He is still healthy, articulate, has his defenders, is famous, and now he has nothing to lose. He could still pull a David Brock (“I am the ultimate authority about the Bad Guys … I was one of them, after all”) or a Bishop Spong (next [Read More...]

I Can Put Up With a Lot From Kathy Shaidle but one thing I WILL NOT STAND FOR is getting details about Star Trek, The Original Series wrong. And not just wrong, but horribly, horribly wrong. Good heavens, woman! Spock had to return to Vulcan for biological, not religious, reasons. Don’t they teach anything in [Read More...]

A Gay Sullivan Reader Gets It From the Letters page at EPHEBOPHILIA AND THE CULT OF YOUTH: I must disagree with your disavowal of any homosexual complicity in the Church scandal. Here, your use of pedophilia acts as a propaganda tactic to dispel attacks on homosexuals or homosexuality’s distinctly ephebophilic culture. As a gay [Read More...]

“Therefore we enter this new moment “living the truth in love” (Eph 4:15) and remembering Archbishop Weakland with the respect and love he has earned from his dedicated public service in our midst for the past quarter of a century.” Yeah. I know. Speak no ill of the dead (or resigned in disgrace) and all [Read More...]

It Appears David Yallop is a Quack A reader writes: I had the pleasure of buying his book In God’s Name : An Investigation Into the Death of Pope John Paul I at a garage sale (ironically a church garage sale… the book was donated by someone getting rid of books that were clogging their [Read More...]

After a person has said this… Why would anybody think him credible about anything else in The Situation? Here’s Andrew Sullivan, Explaining it All For You: The use of the term ephebophilia has been insisted upon by some Church conservatives for several reasons, it seems to me. It can help make the scandal seem less [Read More...]

Fr. Richard “Weakland is the Future of the Church” McBrien… sifts through the ashes of FutureChurch in search of evidence of his own infallibility. An article quotes him, moments after he clipped on his collar for the cameras: A black mark on Weakland’s reputation should not undermine his philosophy within the church, theologians said. “Sexual [Read More...]

Lane Core is One with the Blogosphere! [Read more...]

Mail Call! Boy! Go away for the weekend and people keep writing! Here’s the mail round up! My pal Greg Krehbiel had his review of Attack of the Clones linked by Christianity Today. Way to go, Greg! A reader sez: Andrew Sullivan is arguing that JPII is not doing enough for the American Catholic Church. [Read More...]

Let’s Make Like the Druids, Running Naked Through the Wooids! Gimme that old time religion! That’s for me! Well, okay. Prescinding from the “running naked through the wooids” bit, and the “Druid” bit for that matter, my fambly and several friends will be departing for lovely Lopez Island in the San Juans (betcha you Right [Read More...]

Where’s NRO? Andrew Sullivan has wondered, sensibly enough, why nobody at the Weekly Standard has touched the Catholic scandal in its pages. Let me add this: why have National Review and National Review Online fallen silent? Lots of us first started following the scandal through Rod Dreher’s blogs on NRO, but he hasn’t mentioned it [Read More...]