And Johansen replies to Rose and Co. [Read more...]

“An institute run with such knavish imbecility that if it were not the work of God it would not last a fortnight.” – The Church, as described by Hilaire Belloc Thanks to Ad Orientem. [Read more...]

The imminent danger of discussing a problem with women is… They will probably start doing something about it where men are content to just bitch. Amy Welborn has some excellent ideas about what can be done to strengthen the Church in this time which are worth more than all my kvetching. [Read more...]

Greg Popcak sez I suffer from Catholic Bipolar Disorder and I’m so happy about it, I could just kill myself! [Read more...]

Here’s a depressing argument Just how depraved are our seminaries? There are two schools of thought: Michael Rose says they’re really really really depraved. Fr. Rob Johansen says they’re just pretty depraved. A week or so ago, Johansen took Rose to task for his view. Now Rose and Co. take Johansen to task for taking [Read More...]

“It’s not what the lay people are called to do.” or “Trust us, Part Trois” [Read more...]

Speaking of atheism Josh Claybourn has a fun little bit today. [Read more...]

Atheist Antennae Go Up I’ve started getting mail from atheists. One of the letters was poignant in its contempt for the Church and it’s longing for the Church to not be contemptible. I think that guy is closer to God than he realizes. Another guy responds to my Eupocrisy article: Please explain to this atheist [Read More...]

Withholding money is always helpful Somebody writes: The Knights of Columbus has it’s annual meeting in few weeks. Usually many prelates show up to give speeches, etc. I would like to see a groundswell of support to pressure the KofC to: 1. Dismiss Bishop Thomas V. Daily of Brooklyn as its Supreme Chaplain for obvious [Read More...]

“Trust Us”, Part Deux Amy runs this happy bit of reportage on the Cleveland diocese, while in my mailbox this AM: I get this from somebody in the trenches: By now, it is to be hoped we all have all contacted the Cleveland Diocese and asked for the removal of the Gay Pride Rainbow Triangle [Read More...]

Why We Don’t Trust You, Gentlemen Just another sample of correspondence from a Monday morning: Rod Dreher blogged an interesting L.A. New Times article which chronicles the corrupt network of “progressive” clerics in Southern California. And as depressing as it is, it’s not surprising. If I were to describe in a word the ecclesiastical situation [Read More...]

Speaking of which… Lotsa feedback on Fr. Doyle’s contention that the majority of abuse cases are adult women. Can’t post it all, so will post the most succinct argument I’ve gotten against being too quick to change my stance: I agree that this is a neglected topic; however, it is OK to talk about consent [Read More...]