It will be interesting to see if the forces of democratic governance can tell the court to stick it in its ear [Read more...]

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Court Grants Singles Marriage Benefits From the good people at Scrappleface. [Read more...]

Ron Belgau writes: “Here is the transcript of my Georgetown address on Church teaching and same-sex attraction, delivered the day after the March for Life.” [Read more...]

Ideas Have Consequences A reader observes concerning the present fulminations for the splendors of Gay Marriage: The “bisexual” question goes directly to the heart of the homosexual argument here. If people can be bisexual “by nature” (which is the homosexual claim about themselves) then should they not have the right to express this nature within [Read More...]

Whack a Fat Penguin The Internet: It’s Not Like Anywhere [Read more...]

A reader writes: I’d like to open a can of worms (anonymously) on your blog. Today’s USA has a front page story about Google, how it has transformed many businesses, how it’s technology is used for other search engines, etc. It will likely offer an IPO later this year, that will explode the stock market. [Read More...]

A reader writes I am having trouble refuting some of these arguments – obviously there is no time for a complete, honest answer, but do you see any obvious ones from a quick glance? I ask you because you specifically address this in your book about authority. These first two are giving me the biggest [Read More...]

And while we were taking out Saddam because, you know, he was going to give all those WMDS to our worst enemies… Oh, but these guys are our friends. Like the Saudis. [Read more...]

More Proof that Artists Don’t Understand Their Own Work Plato was right. So was St. Paul. I become more and more convinced that things like this are evidence of some sort of odd supernatural grace at work in the creation of great art. Human beings who don’t seem to have a frickin’ clue what they [Read More...]